Self-Study Committees

Administrative Coordinator

  • Larry Richards, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Self-Study Coordinators

  • TJ Rivard, Professor of English
  • Mary Ann Morse, Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning

Steering Committee

  • Marsha Jance, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Todd Duke, Director of Information Technology
  • Mary Blakefield, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Paul Kriese, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Ange Cooksey, Senior Lecturer in Humanities
  • Karen Wright, Academic Affairs Secretary
  • Tom Avery, Director of Distance Education
  • Jim Summers, Institutional Research Analyst

Work Groups

  1. Mission and Integrity – Marsha Jance
    • Markus Pomper, Associate Professor of Mathematics
    • Joan Lafuze, Professor of Biology
    • Laverne Nishihara, Associate Professor of English
    • Rudy Kunshek, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
    • Huafan Ma, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
    • Sherry Rankin, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
    • Dawna Remencus, Director of Student Support Services
  2. Preparing for the Future – Todd Duke
    • Dan Dooley, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
    • Neil Sabine, Associate Professor of Biology
    • Trudi Weyermann, Instructional Design Specialist
    • Greg Braxton-Brown, Professor of Management and Director of Southeast Indiana Programs
    • Frances Yates, Associate Librarian and Library Director
    • Amanda Vance, Student Activities and Campus Events Specialist
    • John Stager, Assistant Professor of Informatics
    • Kim Ladd, Academic Affairs Executive Secretary
  3. Student Learning and Effective Teaching – Mary Blakefield
    • Mary Fell, Professor of English
    • Tonya Breymier, Lecturer in Nursing
    • Carrie Heller, Executive Director of University College
    • Hitesh Kathuria, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    • Brett Crowley, Director of Retention Programs
    • Roberta Roswell, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
    • Michele Curry, Sr. Lecturer in Nursing
    • Devon Niehoff, Student Government Association President
  4. Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge – Paul Kriese
    • Alisa Clapp-Itnyre, Associate Professor of English
    • Julien Simon, Assistant Professor of World Languages
    • Wazir Mohamed, Assistant Professor of Sociology
    • Cathy Foos, Associate Professor of Philosophy
    • Anita Morgan, Assistant Professor of Accounting
    • Kimberly Greer, Assistant Professor of Biology
    • Diana Stanforth, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
    • Matthew Dilworth, Coordinator of Reference and Media Services, Library
  5. Engagement and Service – Ange Cooksey
    • Patricia Crawford, Internship Project Coordinator
    • Tim Scales, Lecturer in Business Administration, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship
    • Rob Zinkan, Executive Director, Office of External Affairs
    • Maureen Scane, Assistant Professor of Education
    • Ed DeLaPaz, Student
    • LaDonna Dulemba, Lecturer in Nursing

Writing Team

  • TJ Rivard
  • Mary Ann Morse
  • Mary Blakefield

Resource Room/Documentation Team

  • Mary Ann Morse
  • Karen Wright

Logistics and Hospitality

  • Karen Wright
  • Terry Wiesehan, Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Campus Events

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