Assessment Academy

Indiana University East is committed to students and their success. In order to focus our efforts, we joined the Academy for Assessment of Student Learning, which is offered by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. Faculty and staff across campus are working to improve the learning that takes place both in and outside the classroom.

Assessment Academy Team Members

  • T.J. Rivard, (chair) Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration/Asst. Vice President, Regional Affairs & University Academic Planning
  • Mary Blakefield, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Support
  • Ross Alexander, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Dean of Graduate Studies
  • David Franz, Dean of the School of Business and Economics
  • Brett Crowley, Director, Student Support Services

Academy Projects

General Education Assessment

IU East joined the Assessment Academy in 2007, and by Spring 2008 a pilot of general education assessment was conducted, under the direction of a newly-established General Education Assessment Committee. This Committee developed rubrics for the undergraduate learning objectives to guide the assessment measure the effectiveness of our new general education framework. Learning Objective #3 (clarity of expression) already had effective assessment plans in place and the Committee is allowing that to suffice for the assessment of that objective within general education. A few courses were identified that were particularly relevant to each undergraduate learning objective. Instructors were asked to implement a rubric on a random sample of student work from a particular assignment in their courses and report the results.

Since that initial effort, the assessment processes for general education continue to be refined and faculty participation in assessment continues to expand. In consultation with an assessment mentor from the Higher Learning Commission, a decision was made to concentrate on data collection each fall semester. Spring semester activities include analyzing the data and suggesting adjustments to the curriculum and/or to the assessment process for the following fall. This plan provides faculty with the opportunity to reflect on the data that is collected.

Co-Curricular Assessment

Assessment at Indiana University East is spreading from a tightly focused effort in academics to broad campus participation. Offices across campus are in the process of evaluating their services to maximize student success and satisfaction. The launch of this Assessment Academy Project began with an initial cohort that included Academic Advising, Athletics and Student Support Services and it continues to grow. We are especially proud of the changes that have occurred on campus as a result of direct and indirect assessment efforts.