Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

IU East is committed to ensuring that students with physical and learning disabilities receive protections and equal access to programs and services as outlined by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Disability Accommodation

The Office of Accessibility Services assists students in adjusting to college, planning disability-related accommodations, and developing a network of support. Some forms of assistance include test proctoring, reader services, computerized assistance, classroom accommodations, advocacy, and advising. Students with disabilities are encouraged to work closely with the Accessibility Services Coordinator in requesting disability accommodations.

For students to establish accommodations they need to complete the confidential registration process with Accessibility Services.

  1. Complete the Request for Accessibility Services form (pick up form in Springwood Hall 202L, or call 765-973-8675 or email to request a copy).
  2. Submit appropriate documentation from a licensed health care provider or mental health professional on official stationery or IEP or 504. The documentation must be within 3 years of service request and contain the following:
    • Include a clear statement of all diagnoses identifying the disability, symptoms and describe by what means the condition was diagnosed.
    • Description of how the condition limits/restricts life functions such as learning, etc.
    • All medications prescribed and possible side effects.
    • Contain information supportive of the student’s request for specific academic supports, auxiliary aids, and accommodations.
    • A clear statement of the provider recommended accommodations/strategies to specific functional limitations.
  3. Also students need to meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator to discuss accommodations.

Renew Accommodations

The renew acommodations form will be submitted to the Office of Accessibility Services for review, and will initiate the process of obtaining memos/accessibility letters for distribution to your instructors.

Please note: Accommodations are not retroactive and cannot be guaranteed if procedures are not followed to provide your instructors with reasonable advance notice of your accommodations. Reasonable advance notice is considered at least two weeks prior to an exam. Students are encouraged to meet with their instructors within ten (10) days of receiving their memo.

Submit the Renew Accommodations form

Questions? Contact:

Jamie Rippey

Jamie Rippey
  • Coordinator, Accessibility Services
  • 765-973-8675
  • Springwood Hall 202L

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