Administration & Finance

Administration & Finance

The Administration & Finance office is comprised of several components: Vice Chancellor, Accounts Payable, Office Services, and Purchasing.

Service Mission

The Administration & Finance office strives to provide effective solutions to our customer base in a manner of service that equates with that which we expect from someone else. The success of our service is determined through the perceptions that are held by our customers.

Department Service Standards

  • Communications be open, friendly, honest, accurate, concise
  • Explain processes and procedures required of our functions to our customers
  • Train new customers as to expectations of our requirements
  • Follow up and follow through with customers
  • Demonstrate a service attitude and mentality
  • Operate with a "whatever it takes" attitude to get job done in a consistently timely manner.
  • Provide an alternate solution if there is a negative answer.
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect
  • Be sensitive to the workload of others and recognize the effort when others assist