Test Optional Admission

IU East has adopted a test-optional admissions policy beginning with the 2021 terms. Students applying August 1, 2020 for undergraduate admission can choose at the point of application whether to have SAT or ACT test scores considered as part of the application. Which means you may decide whether you want to provide your SAT or ACT score as part of your application.

Not providing scores will not count against you when reviewing your application for admission. Instead, it gives you the ability to decide how to most accurately portray your academic strengths when applying to IU East. We understand that standardized testing is not always the best indicator of students’ potential for college success because some students might not perform well on standardized tests but perform well in the classroom.

Review the information below to learn more and decide on the best path for you.

As you fill out your application through Apply IU, you will be asked by each campus to select whether you want that campus to consider your standardized test scores. It is your choice as to whether you submit them to IU East or not.

If you have questions, please contact the office of admissions via email at applynow@iue.edu or by phone (765) 973-8208.

Why did IU East make standardized test scores optional?

Some applicants may feel that their standardized test scores do not accurately reflect their academic potential. A test-optional admissions policy allows you to choose whether or not your SAT or ACT test scores will be considered as part of your admission review—letting you decide how best to tell your academic story.

How will IU East evaluate students’ applications without test scores?

In absence of a test score, we will continue to look at all factors of your application including grades earned in academic coursework; performance in dual credit courses, honors, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses.

How do I choose whether or not to have my scores considered?

We do not have a formula for whether or not you should choose to have your test scores considered. However, we are happy to help you fully consider your options. Schedule a 30-minute call with an Admissions Counselor or email applynow@iue.edu for someone to contact you.

Are there any students who must include test scores as part of their application?

Yes. The School of Education will require a test score for admittance into their programs.

International students also have separate requirements for English language proficiency. Visit the Office of International Services website to learn more.

How do I let IU East know that I am applying without test scores?

When you complete your application for admission, you will have the opportunity to select whether or not your test scores will be considered as a part of your admission review. If you decide to submit test scores before or after a decision, contact an Admissions Counselor at applynow@iue.edu in the subject type: Test optional Decision. Tell us your new decision and submit scores directly from the testing agency.

What if I submit my scores from a testing agency or included on my transcripts and I decide not to submit?

If you indicate on your application that you do not want your test scores considered on your application, your test scores will not be included as part of your admission review—even if we receive scores from a testing agency or on your high school transcript.

Note: Your scores will not negatively impact the admission decision.

If I apply without test score, can I still be considered for Admissions-based scholarships?

IU East does require test scores to be submitted for our merit based awards. We do have some foundation awards that do not require a test score be considered for eligibility. To maximize your scholarship potential, we encourage you to submit both test scores and a completed FAFSA.

Who can I talk to about test-optional admission?

We invite you to reach out to your admission counselor, schedule a virtual visit, or contact the Office of Admissions at 765-973-8208.

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