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Academic Advising

Academic Advising ?>

Campus Resources and Links

Career Planning

Career Services

Career Services offers the following services:

  • Career advising and counseling
  • Full- and part-time job listings (IU East CareerLink)
  • Job fairs and other career development events
  • Practice interviews and job search strategies
  • Graduate school planning and admission assistance
  • Internship and job shadow opportunities
  • Interests, values, and skills assessments


FOCUS 2 Career Assessment

FOCUS 2 is an online resource to assess your interests, values, personality and skills.  You can explore and compare majors and occupations, then use the information to plan an educational and career pathway that “fits” you and supports your goals.  Make sure to share your results with an advisor or career counselor!

FOCUS 2 Can Help You:
  • Decide a major which best matches you.
  • Learn what careers best suit you.
  • Better understand the IU East majors which lead to specific careers.
  • Help you make informed decisions.

Indiana University East Career Services staff offer assistance and guidance to students and alumni in the area of internship placement and the job search preparation and navigation.  The IU East CareerLink system allows students and alumni to create or upload their résumés for viewing by their choice of employers who post to the system.  Your résumé will be reviewed for internship/job opportunities before being officially released for review by employers.

Registration and Login links can be found at: Career Development

Math, Science and Writing Center

Writing Center
Math Center

The Math and Resource Center offers the following services:

  • Help prepare students for quizzes and exams
  • Share tips and study strategies
  • Help students gain self-confidence
  • Show students another way of looking at the problems and offer alternate explanations

The Writing Center offers the following services:

  • Brainstorm for paper ideas
  • Select an idea from several choices
  • Discuss course readings
  • Work on a rough draft
  • Work on mechanics (comma splices, etc.)
  • Revise a draft for a better grade

Math Hotline


The Math Hotline is staffed during the center's operating hours.

Online Consultations

Students can submit questions or papers 24/7 (excluding campus holidays).

  • Go to
  • Enter your IU East username and passphrase
  • Click the relevant subject from the subject choices

The daily submission per student is 10 pages. Please allow between 24-48 hours (excluding campus holidays) to reply to your questions or review your papers.

Academic Support Programs

Academic Support Programs offers free assistance to IU East student who wish to improve their academic performance. Programs available to students include Extreme Summer JUMPSTART, Supplemental Instruction, and Exam Jam.

  • Location: Springwood hall, Room 202
  • Website: Academic Support
  • Phone: 765/973-8313


Provides information and assistance to incoming freshmen, transfer students and international student regarding academics, graduate programs, scholarships and tuition.

  • Location: Whitewater Hall, Room 151
  • Website: Admissions
  • Phone: 765/973-8208 or 800/959-EAST

Bursar/Student Accounts

Receives payments for tuition, fees and other expenses.

Campus Life

The Office of Campus Life can guide you to the many activities that will enrich your student experience, including the Student Government Associate (SGA) and more than 30 student organizations and clubs. At Campus Life, you can also get your campus ID, sign up for a locker, and find out about available housing and student discounts.

  • Location: Springwood Hall, Room 107
  • Website: Campus Life
  • Phone: 765/973-8240 or 800/959-EAST

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students provides wide-ranging support to the students of Indiana University East. Acting as a student advocate, the Dean of Students assists students in resolving problems that arise within the university.

The Dean of Students also serves as the chief student judicial officer for issues relating to the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and maintains all disciplinary records for the campus.

  • Location: Whitewater Hall, Room 101
  • Website: Dean of Students
  • Phone: 765/973-8252

Disabilities Support Services

Provides support for students with disabilities including adjusting to college, planning disability-related accommodations and developing a network of support. Students with disabilities are encouraged to work closely with the Disability Services Coordinator in requesting disability accommodations.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Provides information and assistance regarding a variety of resources to help students meet their cost of attendance, including help with money management and financial literacy. Financial Aid Advisors are available to assist with questions regarding student loans, scholarships and grants.


Provides resources and services that support academic engagement and research; the Center for Service-Learning is also located in the library.

  • The Library’s full list of databases can be found here: A-Z Resource List. Each database can be broken down by subject here: A-Z Resources by subject.
  • You’d use most of these databases to find articles.  For general questions, databases like Academic Search Premier, ProQuest Central, and JSTOR are great places to start.  The Library also has specialized databases for each discipline IU East offers, as well. A video tutorial on basic research using article databases can be found here: Research tutorial video. A written guide to this kind of research, broken down by discipline, is here: Starting Research guide.
  • The Library book catalog is called IUCAT and can be found here: IUCAT. IUCAT contains all the Library’s print and electronic books.  If you don’t usually come to campus, you’ll probably want to focus on e-books.  The Library lists several databases that include them. By far, the largest and easiest to use is eBrary: eBrary. It is recommend starting with eBrary for finding e-books on your topic.  A video tutorial on finding and using e-books can be found here: e-book tutorial video.
  • Location: Hayes Hall, First Floor 140
  • Website: Library
  • Phone: 765/973-8311
  • E-mail: (questions answered online 24/7)

Mental Health Counseling (Center for Health Promotion

Provides confidential couseling services (6 or less) to students and immediate family members. Common problems addressed include: academic, work and family stress, anxiety and depression, life management. Services are provided by licensed clinical professionals.

Military and Veterans Affairs

Tim Fienning is the IU East VA Benefits Coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid. He is a VA Certifying Official and helps students access their VA education benefits at IU East.

Dennis Hicks (who also serves as the campus Registrar) is the Military Liaison Officer.

Online Student Success Coaches

Online student success coaches help distance education students feel connected to the IU East campus and help provide a more personal collegiate experience. We assist students in transitioning to and navigating the IU systems, identifying vital resources and support, and setting goals. As their personal point of contact at the campus, students are encouraged to contact to their coach at any time. We are willing to help in any way.

Coaches will stay connected to each student throughout their educational journey at IU East. From making sure they are prepared for their first advisor meeting to preparing them for graduation. Our team of success coaches are committed to helping online students achieve their goals, even at a distance.

  • Location: Whitewater Hall, Room 116
  • Phone: 765/973-8545
  • E-mail:


Provides food/soap for IU East students who may need a little extra help. You must show your Crimson Card and may visit the pantry once per month.

Registrar/Student Records

Provides services related to student records such as transcripts and diplomas.

Student Support Services

A federally funded program that provides comprehensive support for eligible students. Eligibility requirements involve whether a student is first-generation (neither parent has a four-year college degree) or if the student meets the program’s low-income guidelines. Students with documented disabilities are also served.

University College

Provides support to first-year students through one-on-one counseling, advising, career planning, the First-Year Seminar, workshops and other events.