Alumni Relations

Alumni Sweethearts

Each year we have students who meet their life partner on the IU East Campus. Did you meet your partner at IU East? We want to hear your love story!

We know your connection to IU East is strong, not only did you receive a great education here, but this also is the place where you met the love of your life.

Alumni couples share a very special bond with each other. Both partners being graduates of IU East has its perks – you just know what your partner is talking about when referring to a place on campus, a piece of history or tradition, or that professor who made a major impact. You both have a deep understanding of the IU East culture. College is an unforgettable experience that creates lifelong friendships and for some, a romantic partner or even a spouse!

We are asking alumni to share their stories of how they met their spouses or partners while they were students of IU East. We want to know the details- how you met, where you liked to hang out, if alumni friends stood in your wedding, etc.

Share your love story! 💕

You can also directly email your story and photos to

Stories will be highlighted in honor of Valentine’s Day 2019, and as we approach the 50th anniversary of IU East in 2021, our goal is to collect at least 50 stories and photos of IU East alumni couples to use a number of avenues to incorporate into our celebration.

Rufus the Red Wolf with his initials in a heart on a tree.