Spotlight on Room 912

August 5th, 2014

Room 912, located at 912 E. Main Street, in Richmond, Ind., opened in January 2014.  This space is comprised of an art gallery, classroom, and student studio space.   Both IU East and the Richmond Art Museum offer classes in this university space.

Room 912 graphicRoom 912 was created in order to provide additional space for gallery exhibitions and the growing fine arts program.  Downtown Richmond was selected due to its rich history, expanding business community, and future potential.  Opening Room 912 was the perfect opportunity to position IU East as a steward of place and to promote partnerships that are essential to strengthening the community.
One such partnership is with the Richmond Art Museum that has been in need of space for daytime art classes.

“The opportunity for RAM to offer daytime programming at Room 912 is significant in that it gives us the ability to do something we have not yet done,” said Lance Crow, education director at RAM. “Currently classes at RAM are offered in the evenings. This new partnership with IU East offers a new flexibility to our art education programs that will allow a wider audience of individuals to experience the enrichment that comes from engaging creatively in artistic endeavor.”

Kaylyn Flora, of Richmond, Ind., is a double major in Fine Arts and English at IU East. She said the expansion of IU East’s Fine Arts department into downtown Richmond is as significant to students as it is for the community.

“The studio offers a space dedicated solely to the creation of artwork while teaching us the importance of working in a studio environment both now and after graduation. My peers and I will have the space we need to explore new mediums and techniques for art making. Sharing a space with other talented capstone students will foster a potent creative energy that will inspire each of us to create our best work yet,” Flora said. “Just as important, we are at the heart of the city, and therefore, at the heart of the community. In our downtime, we have the opportunity to explore local shops and meet local business owners. Thus, we are provided with a sense of local history that will influence and will be translated in our artwork. In doing so, we can take part in the culture that has become integral to Richmond, Ind.”

M.A. in English now accepting applications

August 5th, 2014

Indiana University East has received approval for a new graduate degree program, a Master of Arts in English, from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The M.A. in English is IU East’s fifth graduate program to be added to its academic portfolio since June 2007. IU East’s graduate programs include the Master of Science in Education, Master of Science in Management, Master of Social Work and the Master of Science in Nursing.

The graduate program will provide students with a background suitable for a wide range of careers in areas such as professional writing, editing, administration, technology, and management. Graduates interested in post-secondary teaching options will be qualified to teach full- or part-time in community colleges and in four-year colleges and universities and to teach dual-credit courses in high schools.

Margaret Thomas Evans is the chairperson for the English Department. She said the department is excited to offer an M.A. in English starting in fall 2014 and to provide students in the region with a new graduate opportunity.  She added students will be able to take literature, composition studies, and creative writing courses at the graduate level at IU East.

“We are confident that this will serve both former students and others in the area with a desire to earn an M.A. We look forward to those students coming to campus and studying with us,” Thomas Evans said. “This is a prime opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and community members to partner together as the School of Humanities and Social Sciences takes this important step into the arena of graduate studies.”

Students completing the M.A. in English will earn a minimum of 36 credit hours. The curriculum is designed to be completed in two years if graduate students attend full-time.  The English Department will begin offering classes for this program in Fall 2014.

For more information about the M.A. in English and application process, contact Margaret Thomas Evans, English Department chairperson, at (765) 973-8614 or email

Internships and Career Preparation

August 5th, 2014

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is working to build a culture of internships for our students.  Beginning in the fall, HSS students will have additional opportunities to pursue both paid and unpaid internships, while earning credit towards graduation.

These opportunities are available through a combination of HSS Strategic Investment funds and the new EARN Indiana program sponsored by the state of Indiana.  EARN Indiana replaces the state’s work study program and will provide matching funds for businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and state and local government organizations when they hire qualifying students as interns.

One of the newly created opportunities for the fall semester is a Special Events and Volunteer Recruitment internship with Junior Achievement of Eastern Indiana, which has recently been approved by the EARN Indiana program.  The student who accepts the position will work to plan the Sporting Clays Tournament and Bowl-a-Thon, assist in board meeting preparation, help with volunteer recruitment, and manage the sponsorship database. Students can learn more about this and other opportunities at

The importance of experiential learning has grown in recent years and internships allow students to apply their academic coursework to the professional world, explore their career interests, and enhance their transferable skills.  Recent research has found that more than 70 percent of jobs are not published through traditional means, so network building is an essential need for current students.  Additionally, nationwide surveys have found internships boost starting salaries, shorten the time it takes to find a job after graduation, and sometimes lead to full-time employment.

If you are interested in hosting an intern at your organization, please contact Katie Chaney at

Mark Your Calendar!

August 5th, 2014

Art Exhibits
Room 912, 912 E. Main, Richmond, Indiana

Simon Clopper Retrospective—July 23-August 29:  An exhibit of the efforts and evolution of one of Richmond’s veteran artists.  Included are examples of Mr. Clopper’s designs in the commercial art field, theatrical background, and works as paintings and drawings over a period of fifty years.

The Gallery, IU East, Whitewater Hall

Ball State Glass Program—June 23-August 1:  An exhibit of blown and manipulated glass from Ball State University faculty and students. Community Room, IU East, Whitewater Hall

Photographs by Satya Banga—July 28-September 12:  An exhibit of images by photographer Satya Banga, with emphasis on the non-objective views of common and recognizable objects.

Meijer Artway, IU East, Whitewater Hall

From Russia With Love—July 13-September 19:  An exhibit of native Russian Armen Babayev’s images in the form of monoprints, batiks, and watercolors.

Art Collaborative, IU East, Hayes Hall Business Suite

Creating a Shared Future—April 1-December 12:  An exhibit featuring “social awareness” themed artwork by IU East Fine Arts professor Ann Kim and art students Kaylyn Flora and Brittany Williams.

For information about these and other IU East art exhibits, please contact Ed Thornburg, HSS Gallery Coordinator:

The Richmond Music Festival will be September 12-14. Keep an eye out for IUE music students at the various events throughout the weekend.  Contact  Jessica Raposo, coordinator of Music, for more details about this event and others connected with the IU East Music Program:

PHYS-P 120: An Online Course on Energy Use, Production and its Future

March 12th, 2014

By Yu Kay Law, Ph.D.

In recent years, there have been many news headlines related to energy in everyday life: gas mileage mandates from the government, tar sands and the environment, the possibility that we’ll run out of crude oil, biodiesel and wind energy … and so on.  It is important that Indiana and our nation (and the world as a whole) has a well-informed citizenry that understands the science behind what is discussed in the media as well as the economic and environmental impact behind choices we make as a nation and as mankind.YuKayLaw

With this in mind, I think that it’s very important that a balanced view of this topic is reached.  It is important that we understand the principles and issues related to the use of fossil fuels (including why they’re so convenient!) and also have a good understanding of renewable fuel sources.  On the other hand, we need to have an understanding of what energy is and how much energy is used in different everyday activities.  This sounds like common sense, but quite a few textbooks are written without a balanced treatment of all of these issues.  Furthermore, textbooks quickly become out of date, given that our energy portfolio and the available technologies change significantly over time.

In response to this, I have developed using a Course Development Grant an online course – PHYS-P 120 (Energy and Technology) – which is designed to achieve exactly these goals.  Starting with an overview of what energy is, students learn about our energy use in everyday life – cumulating with an overview of how energy is used in everyday life.  The course then changes course to examine various energy sources used in society today, discussing the principles and issues related to the use of each of these energy sources.  It cumulates with a discussion of strategies for resolving energy issues in the future.

In terms of course delivery and organization, the course features a range of videos and reading assignments; a “right-tech” approach was designed for the course in order that .  Reading assignments are taken from a wide range of e-books, ranging from textbooks on the subject to parts of specialized texts and relevant articles.  Likewise, while many videos were produced for this course – ranging from traditional short online lecture-presentations to “at-home” demonstrations and illustrations of concepts in the course – students were also assigned documentaries and other videos on events and controversies related to the course material.

After learning about the material through reading and video-watching, a range of supporting learning activities were assigned for students to participate in.  In particular, students were also assigned a range of open-ended questions that contain value judgments related to the material to discuss in the context of social problems to discuss as a class.  In addition, all course participants – including myself – were required to estimate their energy use and compare and contrast how different lifestyles and living conditions affect our energy use per person, and to examine what the major contributions to our energy use are – some of the answers are in fact rather surprising to those who haven’t done the calculation!

At the end of this six-week intensive course, students will have an understanding of the issues facing us in the energy realm, and will be able to participate intelligently in discussions on challenges, controversies, and choices that society faces in using and “generating” usable energy – questions for which there are no “correct” answers.

Science and Math outside of the Classroom – 2013 Homecoming Parade

March 12th, 2014

Homecoming events are celebrated at many U.S. campuses, typically during the Fall semester, and IU East is no exception.  This year, Chancellor Cruz-Uribe initiated the first homecoming parade and community celebration.  Held in the Richmond Historic Depot District, student organizations, Rufus the Red Wolf and Junior Red Wolves (IU East kids’ club) members, the Homecoming Court, student-athletes, and community groups and organizations came together for a fun-filled evening.

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics was quick to secure a spot in the parade line-up.  We wanted to not only take part in the festivities, but to use this time as an outreach to the community.  Our Administrative Specialist, Diana Fahl, managed to pull together an assortment of goodies to hand out along the parade route, costumes and party accessories for the faculty and staff, as well as a couple of crowd favorites such as a bubble-machine and dry ice effects (safely handled and operated by our chemistry department.)

Yu Kay Law as Einstein, the Natural Science and Mathematics Dean, Neil Sabine, dressed as Beaker from Sesame Street, and Hitesh Kathuria wielding dry ice entertained kids and adults alike as they walked the parade.  scienceguys

Mark your calendars!  The School is already planning for next year’s event which will be in October, so come and join the fun!

Note from the Dean

March 12th, 2014

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to address the global impact of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics here at IU East.

First, we have several international students that are completing their degrees online.  For example, one of our students lives in Belize, and is a junior in our Bachelor of Arts in Biology program.  He, like many of our international students, is having exceptional academic success.

Students in our school are gaining strong international perspectives as well through our study abroad opportunity. Over 100 of our students have taken classes where they have spent weeks in Belize or Costa Rica. Some of our students spend much longer times overseas.  Kelsey Meyer, a December 2013 graduate of our Biology program, spent a year in London taking classes. The impact of these experiences on faculty and students can’t be overstated.

Second, NSM is reaching out to other countries by offering academic opportunities never before realized.  We began by contacting every post-secondary institution in Central America to offer their students the opportunity to apply for our Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program.  This degree is particularly appealing to international students because the last two years of the program are completely online.  We also have students from India who are interested in coming to Richmond to complete their entire degree onsite. Many of these have strong academic backgrounds and we will be preparing them to be competitive for admission to medical school.

It is clear that we live in a global community and the School of Natural Science and Mathematics is committed to having all students reach their potential whether they are in Richmond or Rio de Janeiro.

For more information on our global outreach, contact
Neil Sabine, Dean
Indiana University East
The School of Natural Science and Mathematics

Congratulations to our NSM Students on a job well done

March 12th, 2014

Chancellor’s List fall 2013 for the School of Natural Science and Mathematics
Trevor Boram, Jenilee Braun, Anthony Breitenbach, Hillary Chaney, Charles Daugherty, Dylan Doner, Jeremy Eddy, Kim Eggert, Grady Garno, Stanton Garrett, Alexis Hurd, Benjamin Jenkins, Brianna Keener, James Lutz, Veronica Maghielse, Mariah Marshall, McKenna Marshall, Lenks Medvin, Kelsey Meyer, Elizabeth Miller, Dustin Nutt, Sarah Phillips, Heidi Plueger, Cody Schellhaas, Samantha Stevens, Kasey Stolle, Charles Walker, and Laura Weaver
Dean’s List** fall 2013 for the School of Natural Science and Mathematics
Michael Alfonso, Chelsea Armentrout, Austin Barancin, Jordan Bevins, Hubert Branstetter, Katelyn Brown, Christine Carrera, Kyla Cecil, Dakota Childers, Christina Coryell, Savannah Davis, Morgan Dobbs, Ryan Edwards, Donnie Estes, Kortney Garringer, Stephanie Gropp, Lynsie Harper, Brittany Hethcox, Paula Hibbard, Laura Hill, Erin Hoodlebrink, Jacquelyn Janes, Derek Jessup, Michael Karns, Jesse Keller, Olivia Markley, Daniel McQuinley, Mekayla Nicholson, Logan Orr, Kelly Parker, Mariah Peters, Adam Reisert, Rebecca Smith, Morgan Stanley, Courtney Stuart, Clint Swanson, Ethan Taulbee, Seth Thomas, David Turner, Kurt Walker, Mackenzie Weston, Heatherlynn Whitby, Courtney White, Shannon Wiest, and Zachary Williams

*The Chancellor’s List represents those students who have taken a part-time or full-time course load and have achieved a 4.0 GPA for the semester*

**The Dean’s List represents those students who have taken a part-time or full-time course load and have achieved a 3.5 or higher GPA for the semester, but who do not achieve the Chancellor’s List*

Spotlight on the Faculty

March 12th, 2014

Chair of Mathematics Department participates on online education panel discussion
Markus Pomper, chair of the Department of Mathematics, was invited to be a panelist at a podium discussion at the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The meeting was held on October 26 in Evansville, Ind. MarkusPomper1

The panelists explored topics ranging from the challenges to teaching online classes in Mathematics, overcoming student problems, and instructional techniques.
Pomper was selected to participate in this discussion because IU East is in the unique position to offer an entire degree program in Mathematics online. During the past year, the enrollment in the online math program has grown dramatically and now enrolls 90 students, who reside in 34 states or U.S. territories. Some of the students reside in Canada, Germany, Israel, Korea and Japan. IU East is the only U.S. institution to offer a Bachelor of Science degree online.

“Our Mathematics program has grown tremendously since its inception in 2011,” Pomper said. “The mathematical community is taking note of our accomplishments and asking us to share our experiences.”

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics Welcomes New Faculty, Simran Banga, Ph.D.
Indiana University East is pleased to welcome Simran Banga, Assistant Professor in Biology, as a new faculty member in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics starting in the fall of 2013.  DSC_5408+Banga-2776987221-O

Banga received her Ph.D. from Purdue University and went on to work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Iowa.  Her areas of expertise include Microbiology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Biochemistry.  Currently, she teaches Introduction to Biological Concepts II (BIOL-L102,) Molecular Biology with a lab (BIOL-L211/213,) and Proteins & Enzymes (CHEM-C324/C390.)

Banga would love to teach Microbiology and Immunology, and is working toward adding undergraduate research in microbiology and molecular biology, along with designing small projects that would best fit the undergraduate curriculum of the students here at IU East.  To this already impressive course expansion, Banga adds, “I am also planning to develop advance level courses in microbiology & immunology.”

In addition to her work at the university, Banga enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, playing games, and watching movies.  She and her family have settled into the Richmond community, and are looking forward to many years here as Red Wolves.

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics is going global – again

March 12th, 2014

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics here at IU East has made significant strides in our efforts to reach out across the globe, bringing knowledge, community, and opportunity to students worldwide.  Our online B.S. in Mathematics has been well-received by students, not only here in the States, but around the world.  The science department is now branching out; we have one student from the country of Belize, and our concentration is currently focused on prospective students in India.

IU East offers a traditional college education within today’s world of online students. Competitive programs in Biochemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Human Life Science are reaching across the globe to potential students looking for a campus to call home; either on-site or online.  We are excited about the prospect of taking our programs and faculty around the world, and cannot wait to see where we go next.

Want to know more?  Contact the Dean of Natural Science and Mathematics Neil Sabine at or Assistant Professor of Chemistry Hitesh Kathuria at to find out where we are aiming next and how you can be a part of this growth.