Note from the Dean

March 12th, 2014

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to address the global impact of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics here at IU East.

First, we have several international students that are completing their degrees online.  For example, one of our students lives in Belize, and is a junior in our Bachelor of Arts in Biology program.  He, like many of our international students, is having exceptional academic success.

Students in our school are gaining strong international perspectives as well through our study abroad opportunity. Over 100 of our students have taken classes where they have spent weeks in Belize or Costa Rica. Some of our students spend much longer times overseas.  Kelsey Meyer, a December 2013 graduate of our Biology program, spent a year in London taking classes. The impact of these experiences on faculty and students can’t be overstated.

Second, NSM is reaching out to other countries by offering academic opportunities never before realized.  We began by contacting every post-secondary institution in Central America to offer their students the opportunity to apply for our Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program.  This degree is particularly appealing to international students because the last two years of the program are completely online.  We also have students from India who are interested in coming to Richmond to complete their entire degree onsite. Many of these have strong academic backgrounds and we will be preparing them to be competitive for admission to medical school.

It is clear that we live in a global community and the School of Natural Science and Mathematics is committed to having all students reach their potential whether they are in Richmond or Rio de Janeiro.

For more information on our global outreach, contact
Neil Sabine, Dean
Indiana University East
The School of Natural Science and Mathematics