Science and Math outside of the Classroom – 2013 Homecoming Parade

March 12th, 2014

Homecoming events are celebrated at many U.S. campuses, typically during the Fall semester, and IU East is no exception.  This year, Chancellor Cruz-Uribe initiated the first homecoming parade and community celebration.  Held in the Richmond Historic Depot District, student organizations, Rufus the Red Wolf and Junior Red Wolves (IU East kids’ club) members, the Homecoming Court, student-athletes, and community groups and organizations came together for a fun-filled evening.

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics was quick to secure a spot in the parade line-up.  We wanted to not only take part in the festivities, but to use this time as an outreach to the community.  Our Administrative Specialist, Diana Fahl, managed to pull together an assortment of goodies to hand out along the parade route, costumes and party accessories for the faculty and staff, as well as a couple of crowd favorites such as a bubble-machine and dry ice effects (safely handled and operated by our chemistry department.)

Yu Kay Law as Einstein, the Natural Science and Mathematics Dean, Neil Sabine, dressed as Beaker from Sesame Street, and Hitesh Kathuria wielding dry ice entertained kids and adults alike as they walked the parade.  scienceguys

Mark your calendars!  The School is already planning for next year’s event which will be in October, so come and join the fun!