2009 Blogs

Day 2 & 3 of Week 1...


Ahhh yes! I thrive off of chaos! organizing times for Bio L107 SI sessions can always be a challenge, but fun. I like challenges! so many students in this course its crazy but awesome! I got to meet some of my students for the 1st time yesterday. They seem eager and apathetic at the same time.

Yes that is possible.

Other then that my Spanish class seems to be a lot of work. just gotta keep a regimented schedule on times 2 study.

Genetics on the other hand... well can't tell yet. seems fun! I know I might be fingered as a disruptive student, but it was only because so many awesome fellow classmates share this same class! DO I hear a complaint yet!? nooo. Ill be serious though! The week is flying by though oh so quickly.

I do have one more class it is online, more on that later...

Bearcreek=awesome breakfests by the way... nom nom nom biscuits n gravy!

So how is everyones 1st week going?!? any horror stories yet?