2009 Blogs

IUPUI Symposium and Being an SI Leader


I love being an SI leader. I get a chance to meet new people and socialize while I get to help other out! I have been in this program for a year and a half. I have so many great stories and fond memories form this experience.

From my understanding I do very well as a Senior SI leader. Most students who attend sessions average 1/2 to 1 letter grade higher than those that don't. Jerri and Mary, my bosses, tell me My students average 2 letter grades better! That is awesome, right? Well it is of course even though I am quite modest about it. Which brings me to the main portion of this blog.

Jerri and Mary asked me to represent IU East this Sat at a Symposium for the program located at IUPUI. I have an hour block to speak to/with other leaders from the area and the nation. My topic is titled " Facilitating Academic Study Skills to Students." that is the dressed up fancy title. in reality its" what I do to get students a better grade and enjoy college." LOL

I am a bit nervous, cause some of the other speakers are PHDs. Then I got an email saying that they will be video taping portions or all of my session. For use later... I was okay with the PHDs, but now........ No really I'm sure ill be fine. Wish me luck! Ill enlighten you more on how it went!