2009 Blogs

The Symposium + Going Green


Someone left their camera at home before he left. I wanted to take pictures to show everyone, but alas it was not in the hand that life dealt me that morning.

So the story continues...

It was a fun event.There was something like 350 people who attended this event. Mainly all IUPUI students, but some from IU and other IU campuses, Texas,Purdue, and Michigan. I got to meet many people. Funny story about meeting people here was I was the only one who came form IU East, when they were going around the room introducing the colleges represented there. I was the only one to stand for IU East. From that point forward when ever I had a greeting with someone, I was known as "The man by himself."

It sounds sad, but it was fun and gave a good conversation starter. lol

I had a large turnout during my presentation. I honestly didn't think it went well, but the feedback from everyone else was tremendous. So huge success. They also video taped the entire presentation of mine as well.

The 2 main presenters were awesome! Very motivating speakers!

The other cool thing I noticed was how environmental friendly IUPUI students were. The whole thing was all about going green and being efficient. They had recycle bins everywhere. It was amazing! I wish IU Easts student culture was more like this. I feel like I have to walk 200ft to find a recycle bin on our campus. There it was in most rooms and all bathrooms! Even the gift bags we received was goaled towards going Green.

Ill be venting more on going Green at another time. Mainly after I finish reading this booked I picked up about the little things we can do and after I get done with the homework load I have over the weekend.

Hey also to all my devoted readers, Please comment away! I wanna hear from you!