2010 Blogs

Auf Wiedersehen


We have been momumentally busy with the last of our travels. As I have written before about the itenerary and I have 3 planes to go catch, I am just going to write about what happened there and then add more and pictures when I get to the states 20 hours!

Bratislava is an awesome place. Slovak is not an easy language to pick up so we were dependent upon Elliott and Pete and their previous travels and skills to get us around. Fortunately the hotel and restaurant workers knew English. The night we arrived we had traditional slovak food and boy did we love it! I´m not entirely sure why I do not live there. They love meats and cheeses and potatoes. Fantastic!

Vienna is all we had hoped it would be and more. We all picked up a lot of German words and phrases which was awesome. We got to visit The Haydnhaus, BeethovenHaus, and the MozartHaus and see artifacts and apartments that these composers used and lived it. It was a great experience. Our last night we ate our wiener schnitzel and it was literally larger than the plate. It was also one of the best things I´ve ever eaten and I know most of my classmates agree with me. Pictures tomorrow!

I have to go check out, here we come USA!