Part Three at IU East!

11401453_10153425167927490_8619269939234223866_nAHHHHHH SCHOOL JUST STARTED AND I’M SUPER EXCITED! Sorry for the caps lock but seriously I am pumped! I’m going into my third year here at IU East and I love it more than I did last year. Like how can you love a school when you can’t even love people you may ask? Easy, a school can’t hurt me! HA! Just kidding, but really this place has grown on me, and I’m only a junior.

big-DealSo here I am a junior, a big bad junior. Well I may not be big but being an upper class men sure seems awesome! Really being in your upper class men years seems to have perks. Students know you, professors know you, and even the janitorial staff knows you. Plus I’m on a billboard! I guess you could say I’m kind of a big deal. Like people know me… 😉

However one thing hasn’t gotten easier, the classes. Well not really. Like anything the longer you get into something the harder it gets. So I’m fully into my major now, totally swarmed in communications and sports, and I am super excited about that. I can remember thinking as a freshman that I was never going to get to this point and will forever be taking classes that mean nothing to me. Now I look at those classes and think how easy they were, and how much harder my classes are now! I can’t complain though I seriously love all the classes I’m taking.

Another thing that has changed as a junior is how involved I am. I seriously am becoming overwhelmed with all the chaos that has come with being involved on campus. One of my favorite clubs though is SAAT; they are those group of people who are at every event and come up with the events. So Back with the Pack and Glo Zone

Basically go ya square!

Basically go ya square!

are a couple of things we do the first six weeks, but we don’t stop there! SAAT constantly is doing something, so keep a look out for awesome events! Another club/activity I am in is the Student Broadcast Club. It’s for students who want to get into sports broadcasting. It’s fairly new but sounds awesome.

So three years at IUE and I can honestly say this is place will always have my heart. 50+ tee shirts and growing, new opportunities daily, and a warm environment, IUE definitely is the best place for me!

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Hey all, I'm Morgan and I'm a senior Communications major here at the East. I like cats, activities at IUE, and napping.

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