Community Health and Hospice Nursing

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Patient room at Trinity Hospice

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Beautiful Gardens at Trinity Hospice

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Today we visited the Trinity Hospice facility where they provide skilled, compassionate care. It was very interesting to compare the way their hospice organization works compared to the U.S. This specific facility told us they were able to be more creative with their organization because they were considered a charity, and only partly funded by the National Health Service. They hold 2 large fundraisers a year, including a Christmas Caroling remembrance ceremony. This organization provides a very holistic approach to care, including options for the beds of their 28-bed inpatient unit to be wheeled out into the garden, art therapy, fitness options, massage, and several other options.

We also visited the Queen Nursing Institute, where Dr. Crystal Oldman gave a presentation on Community Nursing in the UK. The comparison to the US Community Health nursing was very similar. We found that both the US and the UK have similar struggles in the Community Health field, both realizing that we need to focus on training undergraduates for Community Health by providing shadowing opportunities and/or clinical options. Dr. Oldman also advocated for a simulation option in training for home visits.

We are all trying a variety of restaurants in the area, ranging from true Italian to traditional fish and “chips” (which are Fries). There are many offers for tea, coffee, and hot chocolate on our various visits. Some of the group were able to see the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this evening, as others explored the Tower of London. We are all enjoying our experience!

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