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Meet Terrikka Burger and read about her nursing journey-

I currently work in a long-term care facility that includes a rehab to home unit and an Alzheimer’s unit. I practice nursing on each unit. I help people manage many health conditions: wounds, cancer, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, dementia, rehab after stroke or heart attacks, diabetes, and post-hip and knee procedures. I graduated from an ASN Program in December of 2014 and will graduate the IU East BSN Program August of 2016. I aim to join the Peace Corps and upon return begin my Master’s in nursing. I have been a nurse’s aide since my senior year of high school. So I have a total of 6 years in the health care industry. I am interested in this trip to London because the UK has a long history of health care. I am excited to learn the differences and similarities between the US and the UK in their health care system from each of the levels of health care. I look forward to the memories created with this trip and the information that I will return home with. The people in my life know well of my passion in health care and will be looking forward to hear of my experiences as I will look forward to sharing. And beyond that, I am very excited to see the architecture of London’s oldest and newest buildings and meeting new people in a different culture as well as in a different nursing culture. I am a huge fan of the Royal Society of the Encouragement Arts and Sir Ken Robinson’s work.Burger

About nurse_chicadee

Hello everyone, I am in the Masters Program for Nursing at IU East. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2016 with a Masters in Nursing Administration. I am currently in London, England studying for one of my classes, we are concentrating on the health care system of the UK and the history behind nursing. I am excited to share with you some of our awesome adventures here in London!

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