Maintenance Check!

Since many people think I fell off the face of the planet (just kidding they just wondered why I stopped blogging) I figured I’d get my long, chubby fingers back on the keyboard and write. Since it’s been a hot minute I decided that this blog would just be a maintenance check, so you all know what I’m now doing with my boring life.

10949049_1617686391792486_1852680550_nAnd boring is exactly what my life is right now. I am doing absolutely nothing, and seriously loving it. Besides doing nothing this summer (for now) I have changed over the past school year, and haven’t changed as well. I’m still a communications major. I still pretend (just kidding I work crazy hard!) to understand sports, and I still am a crazy cat lady. So those things haven’t changed.

What has changed is I’m now twenty one and staying completely out of trouble the best I can. I no longer have a boyfriend (which I don’t know if I ever blogged I did, but hey I did!). I also have no clue what I want to do with my life so I’m searching high and low for grad schools (which I’ll write a blog about I’m sure).

Guess this school, write the answer in the comments, and i'll give you a cookie!

Guess this school, write the answer in the comments, and i’ll give you a cookie!

I have given up sweet tea for lent and still seem to be on those 40 days because I haven’t really drank it since. I’m happier, smarter, and a little pickier than I was before. I’d like to think I turned sour before I got sweet.sour-patch-kids-3-gif

Besides that I can’t really think of anything else that has changed about me. I’m sure someone else could give you a list of what has happened to me and how I’ve changed, but hey I’m human and this world is constantly changing so I should too! Since I’m a week late (sorry ya’ll) I’ll write another blog this week to catch up. Otherwise enjoy this catchy Adele song I’m in love with!

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Hey all, I'm Morgan and I'm a senior Communications major here at the East. I like cats, activities at IUE, and napping.

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