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Clearly I want Golden State to win!

Clearly I want Golden State to win!

If you didn’t know that the NBA finals are happening I question if you live under a rock since its being blown up everywhere. Social media, commercials, the newspaper, like everywhere. So now that you know it’s going on why am I writing about it? Great question, because if there is one thing in my life that I work hard at its understanding the game of basketball. Follow up: why? Because I want to grow up to be an ESPN reporter for basketball!

Ambitious huh? Yes probably, and I’m sure I’ll settle with some local news sports reporter, but hey a girl can dream right!?

SHE IS GOALS! Brownie points if you know who this is, comment it.

Brownie points if you know who this is, comment it.

I constantly find myself getting asked “why sports” with a look up and down indicating I’m a girl (like that’s a bad thing). I like sports. When you watch the news do you ever hear of something sad happening in sports? No, not really. In the regular news you hear of drugs, death, and bombs and that’s just not my cup of tea. I enjoy the upbeat, high energy fun that comes from sports, especially basketball. That’s part of why I want to be a sports anchor.

art-anchorman-203-620x349On the flip side it’s that crazy look and the “you’re a girl” attitude that comes from people. It’s the doubt, the unwillingness to help me, and the constant out smarting that can really bring a girl down, and has many times. I can’t tell you how often I get laughed at, thrown under the bus when commentating, or simply the “you’re dumb” look. It really hurts! At times I’ve felt like I was going down the wrong path and almost gave up, but you meet people who want to help you and watch you succeed that make it all worth it.

Here at IUE I have met plenty of people who back me in my crazy goal to “go pro”. Each and every one of them makes me want to work harder to prove to them that I can do it. Whether they doubted me or not, the fact that they help me speaks volumes of the people here. Ya’ll are great! Although I have a whole life time to work towards ESPN, I will always be grateful for the help I receive here at IUE to make me better. So when I become famous (cross your fingers!) can I get a poster like Sage Steele, please?   54967_hoosier_hysteria_3_webf

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