So the other day I was walking into Meijer when I saw a boy I graduated with. Normally I ignore these people because I just want to blend in with the world, but something about him caught my eye. In his hand was a baby, and holding his hand was his daughter. This isn’t surprising really, but I was in shock that someone my age could have a family now!

Earlier in the week my eye doctor asked me the dreaded (yes dreaded) question if I had a boyfriend, and when I replied “no” to my surprise he said “good”! He went on the tell me this story about himself and how he thought at 25 he was destined to be alone, but later found someone perfect for him. The moral of his story was to wait and not rush life.

I constantly feel that people rush into life and don’t take time to stop and smell the flowers.
I was definitely one of these people who was always busy, never had time to take a breath or even eat sometimes! That’s tragic when you can’t eat because eating is my favorite hobby (putting that on my resume!), so I changed my life a little. I decided to make more time for me, doing things that make me happy. This ended up being napping more, cuddling my cat, and hanging out with my parents (weird I know). But I’m happy!

I loveee this school! Guess it and I'll get you a cookie!

I loveee this school! Guess it and I’ll get you a cookie!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we rush everything and forget to be happy! I mean yes I’m looking at grad schools, going into my senior year, and slightly freaking out about getting a big girl job, but I can take that stress on knowing they’re really my only stresses. Don’t get me wrong having a family or taking on a real job is perfect for some people, just not me yet. So for now I’m going to enjoy the things that make me happy and I believe will make me a better person!



Enjoy this cool video I found of Finding Dory! Ps GO SEE IT! IT’S SO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND EVERYTHING GREAT!

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Hey all, I'm Morgan and I'm a senior Communications major here at the East. I like cats, activities at IUE, and napping.

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