NO, I am not getting paid to play with Barbies!

NO, I am not getting paid to play with Barbies!

Hey, Matt here again, reference and media coordinator for the library.

So, some of our regular patrons have been seeing my office strewn with Barbie dolls. And no doubt you’ve thought that me dressing and posing toys is a phenomenal use of your tuition money. But it’s all been for a purpose! I promise!

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We would like to proudly present the Library video tour, now posted on IU East’s YouTube channel at All those Barbie action figures were being prepared for this. Now you can tour the library from the comfort of your own home, meeting the library staff and seeing the facility, through our action figure avatars.

Action figures are a good medium for this. We firmly believe that the library is a place of action, and it’s here where you take action as well – after you’ve gotten out of class, you get the chance to apply what you’ve learned, researching and thinking critically to prepare for your papers, projects, and other personalized work. It is here where you truly put your own mark on your education experience. You’re not just reading what has come before – you’re contributing to the scholarly dialogue. You’re in control. In short, you’re ready for action!

Whether you’re visiting the library in person or on the web, we’re ready for action, too. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Now, to make a Rufus action figure…

2 Responses to “NO, I am not getting paid to play with Barbies!”

  1. Mary Fell


    I loved the Barbie tour! Very funny and weird! (Have you talked to Prof. Jean Harper in English? She creates Barbie art objects.)

    I would like to have linked the tour to my online class, but I can barely hear the audio on my home computer. Is it just my laptop? The volume was set at maximum. Is there any other way to increase the volume on videos and audios online?


    • mdilwort


      The volume seems to be a problem on some computers, but not on others. I’m not sure why. The YouTube player has a volume control on the lower right of the player, in addition to the computer’s audio control panel. That might help.

      Thank you so much for watching!


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