A Murder Mystery in the Library!

A Murder Mystery in the Library!

Sherlock Poems here, detective extraordinaire.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me?

Regardless, you’ve no doubt heard that the IU East Friends of the Library, Drama Club, and Humanities Club are hosting a murder mystery luncheon on Saturday, April 17th.  A murder has been committed in the library, and only my refined intellect is up to the challenge!  Or maybe not.  As a detective, I like to hedge my bets, and a room full of enterprising sleuths seems like just the thing to shed light on this shadowy crime!


So join us at noon on the 17th, and be treated to a three-course meal and a twisting, turning plot of skullduggery and murder that even a storied detective like me might need help solving!  Over half of the tickets have already been sold, but there are still some seats left!  Tickets are available from any of the actors, or from Julianne Stout in the library.  The cost is $20 ($18 for Friends of the Library members).  Be sure to bring your ticket to be entered for door prizes.  A prize will also be awarded to the guest in the best 1920s style costume!

Come help us untangle this thicket of intrigue, and expose the killer!

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