Post-Mortem on a Murder

Post-Mortem on a Murder

For those who couldn’t join us, the Friends of the Library Murder Mystery unfolded on Saturday, entangling all in a web of deceit and murder.  Set in 1923, the library’s supporters had gathered to celebrate the acquisition of a priceless manuscript.  But on the eve of his greatest professional triumph, archivist Archie Vist fell prey to poison before a startled audience, and soon everyone was embroiled in the attempt to discover which of his coworkers was the killer.  And it seemed like everyone had a motive!


Accusations flew.  Was it Noelle ‘Noe’ Itall, who desperately wanted the archivist job?  Ray Ferénce, a librarian who had lost a wager with Archie?  Louisa Books, a beautiful librarian Archie had humiliated?  Some guests even had wilder theories, fingering participants like Read Daily, the newspaperboy!  Slowly, as clues were discovered and the audience became involved in asking their own questions and offering theories, it came down to two people – Archie’s scorned former fiancé, Paige Turner, and Chantelle Asoul, a coworker who feared Archie knew a grave secret about her.


As they were fiercely questioned, detective Sherlock Poems honed in on Paige, accusing her of the pernicious deed.  But a sudden betrayal from Dr. Watson revealed the truth – it was the corrupt detective, staging a crime to solve to make his career!  The timely intervention of the police resolved the situation nicely, with the murderer dragged away screaming and peace returning to the beleaguered library.

Parts were played by members of the Drama Club, Humanities Club, and Friends of the Library, as well as others, and dancing by several talented students in true 1920’s style.  We extend our deep gratitude to all who attended to support this fundraiser for the student trip to Stratford-on-Avon.


The cast included Emi Parks as Noe Itall, Traci Taylor as Chantelle Asoul, Ashley Gagliano as Louisa Books, Tyler Groff as Ray Ferénce, Megan Brehm as Paige Turner, Derek Summan as Al Turner, Timothy Emery as Archie Vist, Vicki Colley as Lilly Brary, Matt Dilworth as Sherlock Poems, Zack Bishop as Dr. Watson, Dani Barker as Read Daily, Gary Osborn as the police officer, and Jenean Ladalski, Katherine Johnston, and Ashley Gagliano as dancers.


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