Look What a Dollar will Get You!

Look What a Dollar will Get You!

The Library has a new booksale cart, stylized like a medieval book vendor!  Situated right outside the library in Hayes Hall, we are selling a lot of great surplus books that just don’t quite fit our academic mission.

sam book cart2

If you’ve ever been in the library on the week of a book sale, you know what a pain it could be getting around, with tables full of books in the way of everything.  But now, we have the excitement of the old book sale in a much less obtrusive format!

Just a few of the great titles on the cart right now are Dorothy on the Rocks, The Cootie Catcher Book, Complete Guide to Gardening, A Book of Word Games, and The Official Cat Codependents Handbook.  Most items are just a dollar.

And if you’re of a mind to donate materials for the sale, we accept gently used books and educational children’s games or puzzles.  Books on the cart are constantly changing, so come over and check it out!

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