Libguides: reliable research resources ..Trust the Guide!

Libguides: reliable research resources ..Trust the Guide!

IU East Campus Library has reached the milestone of 100 published library guides!  Since September 2009 IU East has been a member of the “Libguides” Community, which includes 1,857 libraries worldwide, representing 28,000 librarians who have contributed almost 140,000 publicly searchable guides on topics ranging from Art to Zoology.  At IU East, our libguides are developed in partnership with faculty to provide a convenient and organized portal of reliable information resources focused on specific courses or general subject areas.  Examples are Cost Accounting, Methods of Experimental Psychology, Topics in History: Understanding Vietnam, and Professional Nursing Seminar.

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Libguides are an online tool for students and faculty to conveniently access reliable content for course assignments and research.  Libguides are transforming the collaborative process for librarians and faculty working together with a defined and shared goal to meet the learning needs of students.  It reduces the amount of random, peripheral or unreliable information that students might otherwise access.  Libguides are also an instruction tool that effectively targets specific learning goals, whether the content is presented face to face or online. Use statistics and student surveys indicate libguides reduced the amount of information search time while increasing the quality of search results for assignments.

The full list of guides available at IU East is and the Community share link for all libguide content is  Any IU East or Ivy Tech faculty or students are welcome to suggest topics for new libguide content. Contact Frances Yates with questions or interests:

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