Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Month, so library staff want to share some relevant resources in psychology and mental wellness. 

Online journals provide current, readily accessible articles.  We subscribe to two major databases that cover psychological issues: ProQuest Psychology Journals and PsycINFO from EBSCOhost (see last week’s blog for more on EBSCO).  Both are very user-friendly and have a wealth of full text information.  If currency isn’t an issue, JSTOR can also be a powerful database, but it doesn’t feature articles from the last few years like ProQuest and EBSCO do.  You also might want to use PubMed Central, the National Institute of Health’s free digital archive.


Additionally, we also have a wide selection of books and e-books, a sampling of which are linked here:

 Mental Health : Facing the Challenges, Building Solutions by the World Health Organization

 Learning about Mental Health Practice by Theo Stickley

Introducing Mental Health : A Practical Guide by Caroline Kinsella

Mental Health Promotion : A Lifespan Approach by Mimi Cattan

 We also have several Libguides to help you research psychological wellness for specific classes, such as P 211: Methods of Experimental Psychology and Behavioral and Social Sciences Senior Seminar.  If your class doesn’t have a Libguide, ask your professor to contact us about making one.  We love to connect you with good information!

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