Oriented for Success

Oriented for Success

Nice to meet you!  Library staff is always happy to participate in the campus-wide orientations for new students. This year, our information table features a bean bag toss game to enhance students’ awareness of library resources and services. For example, do you know the names of our main e-book vendors?  How about what a Libguide is?  And perhaps most importantly, how can you ask us a question?  (If you’re stumped, check the answers at the bottom!)

orientation bag toss

The freebies we give students — book bag, campus map, and bookmarks – are simple reminders to stop by in person or contact us virtually for any and all academic assistance. We don’t know all the answers…but we sure do know how to help you find them!

orientation 2011

Student success is our primary goal and we are here for you.  So after the first hello, don’t be a stranger…we want to see lots of you in the library and on our Facebook page!

orientation high five


1. Our main e-book vendors are eBrary, NetLibrary, and Books 24/7.

2. Libguides are course- or topic-specific research tools to help you find what you need fast.

3. Lots of ways!  Aside from asking in person, you could email us at iueref@iue.edu, or post a question on our Facebook page.  Or you could call us at 765-973-8279.  We like answering your questions however you’re comfortable asking them!

orientation trivia

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