Through the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) all of the IU campuses now have access to additional eBooks from Brill. The subject listings available cover a wide variety of disciplines including:

Asian Studies; Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity; Classical Studies; European History and Culture; Middle East and Islamic Studies; Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy; Social Sciences; and now featuring…


There are now 13 titles available in the Language & Linguistics subject, featuring histories and uses of some esoteric and some not-so-esoteric language families like Arabic, Kharia, Hebrew, Vedic, and Salish, to name a few. 

Upon exploring the Language and Linguistics title list I came across “Language at Large: Essays on Syntax and Semantics” in which I read a chapter on Aboriginal words and their use in English dictionaries, specifically their etymology and evolution. Want to take a guess at the top five borrowed words? 

1. Kangaroo

2. Boomerang

3. Koala

4. Dingo

5. Wombat

 They don’t necessarily mean what you’d think, read about them HERE.

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