Streaming Video You Can Use

Streaming Video You Can Use

We all enjoy using YouTube and other streaming video sites like it.  It’s a great source for amusing movies of cats or music videos or kids waving sticks around like they’re in a Star Wars film.  But wouldn’t it be great if this powerful tool could be used for your classes?

 Well, you’re in luck.  IU East subscribes to hundreds of high quality academic streaming videos that you can use as sources for your papers, in oral presentations, or just to learn. last kamikaze

First, go into IUCAT at  Click ‘Guest Access’.  Then, on the right side of the screen, click ‘DVD/Video Search’.  On the main part of the screen, put a check in the box for ‘streaming’ (it defaults to ‘any’).

 Then, put what you want to find in the search box and click ‘Search’.  For instance, I might put ‘documentary resources’ or ‘ethnographic video’ or ‘business’ or ‘math’ in the ‘Keywords Anywhere’ blank.  When you get the result list, click on any title you like, then click on the [East] URL in the record. 

 Results include titles on a diverse range of subjects like Strategic Lesson Planning, What’s Behind the BattlesThe Last Kamikaze: Testimonials from WWII Suicide Pilots, Exposing Homelessness, and Inside the Khmer Rouge

 True, it may not be as amusing as cats doing silly things (although how could you go wrong with The Dancing Chickens of Ventura Fabian?), but you schoolwork will be better and your reports more engaging. 

 Need help using these tools?  Don’t hesitate to ASK US at!

dancing chickens

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