Get a Job!

Get a Job!

Are you one of the many seniors waiting with bated breath for May and graduation?  Have you begun to question what comes next?  Graduation is an exciting time, but it can also be nerve-wracking.  As you begin your search for the start of your career remember that as a member of our IU East community you have an abundance of resources available.

 To help you in your search, we’ve created a Career Prep libguide.  Information on selecting a career, interviewing, resume building and position listings are all available here. 

Perhaps you aren’t ready for the job hunt to start just yet.  If this is the case learn more about the process at the Basic Career Development libguide.  This libguide will guide you through the steps of choosing a career.

 An important campus resource for you is the IU East Office of Career Planning and Placement.  Located in 202 Springwood Hall or online at, the office of Career Planning and Placement should be one of your first stops as you plan life after IU East.  Here you can get help with your resume, find internships or career opportunities, and more.  They have some useful events scheduled so it’s a great time to explore more!

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We’re confident that you will take what you learned at IU East and put it to good use in whichever career you choose.  Meanwhile, any questions you have or research you need, we are happy to help!

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