How Can We Discover Who We Really Are?

How Can We Discover Who We Really Are?

We who are born in America absorb our images of self and culture basically through western eyes… Under such circumstances, how can we possibly discover who we really are?” – David Henry Hwang

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 May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (, an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments Asian Pacific Americans have contributed to the nation. 

 The library has several books on the subject, such as Version 3.0 Contemporary Asian American Plays, Extraordinary Asian Pacific Americans, and Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture, and also has several other resources to assist you in learning more about these fascinating cultures.

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 Excellent plays written by Asian Pacific Americans are located in the Asian American Drama database.  You can learn about Asian Pacific culture and writing from the Asian Studies eBook Collection and South and Southeast Asian Literature database.  Videos about customs and lifestyles can be viewed through Ethnographic Video Online.

 Whether it’s a culture you know or knowledge you want to grow, we have resources to meet your needs. Just ask us!

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