Helping Girls at Girls Inc

Helping Girls at Girls Inc

This summer has brought a lot of changes for me. It’s my first summer of college, I will be turning 20 and this is also my first summer that I have been employed.

 I feel like one of the luckiest girls this summer to be employed at Richmond’s own Girls Inc. The experiences that I have had at Girls Inc. have been nothing but positive. I want to take the time now to share some of these great experiences.

 For those who don’t know Girls Inc. is a year-long facility that helps develop many of the girls in this community. The girls come for up to 9 hours a day to Girls Inc. and work on bettering themselves as individuals and start molding themselves into the women they are meant to be.  The ages range from Kindergarten to Ninth grade and they are separated into three groups; bold, strong and smart. I work with all of these groups and each of them is equally as enjoyable. Currently my job is Literacy Specialist (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?). Basically I am in charge of offering up literacy and awesome reading activities for these girls to do during their free time! So far I have been successful with this, the girls especially with the horse and solar system activities. 

 I also host club a club activity for these girls every Thursday. This is probably my favorite part of working at Girls Inc. Not only do I get to share with the girls an activity I enjoy, but it gives me a chance to interact with the girls on close level. All of the girls and staff at Girls Inc. are incredible and inspiring. I go home every day feeling like I have learned something new. For those reading this blog, I urge you to go find out more about this amazing place. I can promise that you won’t regret it!

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