Social Workers Unite

Social Workers Unite

March is national Social Work Month, and a great time to recognize the work of all those who are and who are studying to become social workers.  From its origins in combating poverty to the modern effort towards equality and justice, social work has been a source of hope to millions.  First celebrated in 1964, this year’s theme is ‘Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy’.

 One of the core resources in the field is the Encyclopedia of Social Work, a reference now in its 20th edition.  You can use the print volume in the library – it’s shelved at HV35 .S6 – but it’s also available online, as well.  The current edition takes into account emerging topics like the rise of the Internet, faith-based assistance, gerontology, and more.

 For journals, start with a database like ProQuest Social Science Journals or SocIndex.  These let you limit to peer reviewed articles, full text, or by date.  Both have hundreds of full text journals, making them great places to start.

 And for ebooks, try the Social Sciences eBook Collection.  While any of our ebook sources, like EBSCO Ebooks or Ebrary will contain hundreds of titles, the SSEC is dedicated to the social sciences, so more of it will be relevant to you.

 And that’s just the beginning.  All of our other social work-related databases can be found on this libguide.  And as always, if you need any help, please contact me at

social worker with mother and child from imagequest

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