World Health Day

World Health Day

World Health Day, celebrated every April, is the World Health Organization’s holiday designed to raise global health awareness.  Each year, the WHO chooses an aspect of healthy living that they want to use the holiday to promote, and have used the opportunity to showcase topics ranging from road safety to safe motherhood to mental health.  In 2013, the topic is ‘Control Your Blood Pressure’. 

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 High blood pressure can be the cause behind many problems, especially heart disease and strokes.  The WHO views preventive education as the best tool to use against hypertension.  And a library is a terrific place to go for education!

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 IU East subscribes to many medical databases, such as MedLine, Nursing and Allied Health Source, and OVID.  Try a search like “high blood pressure AND prevention” in any of these.  Many of these include both professional articles (try MedSpeak for translating the doctor jargon) and more popular articles targeted to non-medical students.  Or perhaps books are more for you.  Try a book like High Blood Pressure: The At Your Fingertips Guide by Tom Fahey or Stress and Hypertension: Examining the Relation Between Psychological Stress and High Blood Pressure by Kevin Larkin.  There’s something for everyone, from the nursing student to the curious layman!

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