The Technology is a Changin’

The Technology is a Changin’

You might have heard that VHS tape players are being removed from all classrooms starting next semester.  If you’ve ever used a video in your projects or presentations, you’ll need a more modern format from now on.  Of course, you’re probably already used to using modern media like DVDs.  But even those sources can be cumbersome. Because, really, any hard format is becoming rarer.  Chances are, you stream films with Netflix or Hulu as often as you buy a DVD or BluRay disc.  But are they good sources for your class assignments?

 There are lots of places to find streaming video.  Of course, there are resources like Vimeo, YouTube, and Viddler, and those are great free resources online.  But they are focused on the user more than the content, and will frequently not be academic enough for an important presentation.  Fortunately, there are plenty of academic streaming videos, as well.  Most prominent is VAST, a collection of tens of thousands of academic videos in subjects across the spectrum, from history to anthropology to LGBT studies, business, or science.  These videos include interactive transcriptions, making it easier to hone in on a part you want, or quote from them easily in your papers without having to transcribe them yourself.

vast screenshot

 You can also make custom clips, create playlists and embed them in your presentations, wikis, projects, or websites.  They can be embedded in OnCourse, as well.  And there are more collections dedicated to specific subjects, such as Ethnographic Video Online, World History In Video, American History in Video, and Counseling and Therapy in Video

 And if that isn’t enough, you can also try Moving Images, the Internet Archive’s library of free movies, films, and videos which includes over 500,000 classic full-length films, daily alternative news broadcasts, cartoons, concerts, and more. Many of these videos are available for free download.

 If you need video clips for your presentation, project, or wiki, you have lots of great choices.  Contact us at for help using them!

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