Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!  Heritage months are always a great opportunity to immerse yourself in culture, so this month offers the perfect opportunity to explore the rich contributions of those of Asian descent.  Fortunately, the library has resources for any question. 

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The Asian Studies eBook Collection is a great place to start, with material on everything from art to religion to history.  It covers perspectives from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, and Central, South, and Southeast Asia.  If it’s literature you want, Asian American Drama and South and Southeast Asian Literature are great for both original writing and critical research.  Interested in business?  Try Asian Business and Reference.  Or listen to Asian voices unfiltered with Oral History Online.  The Library of Congress also has an Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month website, loaded with special exhibits, pictures, video, and special materials for teachers. 

 For questions on culture and identity, we have loads of ebooks worth reading, including Unfastened : Globality and Asian North American Narratives or Asian North American Identities : Beyond the Hyphen by Eleanor Ty, Begin Here : Reading Asian North American Autobiographies of Childhood by Rocío Davis, and Asian American X : An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices by Arar Han. 

 Whether you’re interested in cultural awareness or an in depth research project, we’re here to help!  You can email me at

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