Psychological Insight

Psychological Insight

Last week we looked at improving the library collection with a new database, but our existing databases are anything but stagnant!  New, up-to-date content is being added to them all the time.  One recent example is Wiley Online Library, which has just added the Handbook of Psychology to its extensive list of interdisciplinary titles.

handbook of psych cover

The WOL has always been a good source for psychology topics, boasting ebooks and journals like Clinical Psychologist, Psychology in the Schools, and the Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology.  But the 12 volume Handbook is an especially good source.  Updating the very popular and award-winning first edition, the ebook version offers searching by topic or keyword, hyperlinked cross references, and separate windows for viewing the index and tables at the same time as you’re reading the main text.  And better still, every chapter is available as web-friendly HTML text or easily downloadable PDF if you want to read offline.

MODEL RELEASED. Child development: young boy (aged around 3-4 years) undertaking an intelligence test to estimate his reasoning skills. He is being asked to arrange the coloured blocks in accordance with instructions given by his assessor (left).

And this isn’t just a minor touch-up – the second edition is fully revised.  Each and every article has been rewritten and updated to make it as up-to-date as possible, by the leading minds in the psychological fields.  So any topic you look at – from forensic psychology to animal cognition to intelligence testing to anxiety disorders to the motivational system – you can be assured is current.  Whatever your psychology assignment involves, it’s a safe bet that the Handbook can help you.  And if you have any questions, contact me at – I’d be glad to help!

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