For the dead and for the living we must bear witness: A life spent in service above self

For the dead and for the living we must bear witness: A life spent in service above self

“For the dead and for the living, we must bear witness.” – Elie Wiesel

Dr. Paul Kriese is a tenured Political Science professor at Indiana University East where he has taught since 1983. Dr. Kriese grew up as a Quaker within a diverse neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, where most of his neighbors were Catholic, Jewish, African American, American Indian, Asian, or Hispanic. It was a poor community and, while Paul was poor also, he always helped out his neighbors and was very active in the community. He learned early on the importance of diversity, respect, and community engagement and it was a major influence on his education.

It is because of the value one gains through community service that Dr. Paul Kriese has donated generously to the Library Foundation, in support of a $1500 per semester graduate scholarship for service engagement.  The Center for Service-Learning, located in the Campus Library, is strengthening IU East Campus-Community connections.  Current staffing includes part-time positions of campus-community liaison, coordinator, and work-study students.  This scholarship will enable service-learning to continue growing by involving a graduate student who will serve a key role in leading service projects. It will help build community while also garnering vital experience in civic responsibility for the student. The graduate student selected as a service engagement scholar would devote an average of 10 hours per week to developing and managing service projects.  IU East graduate students interested in applying for the scholarship, which will commence Fall 2014, can complete this application:

To highlight the range of Kriese’s work and to honor his contributions to education and community, the library has created an exhibit of some of his publications.  There are several articles and books addressing such topics as race, religion, and social justice in politics and government. Dr. Kriese has also served on many political committees, including the election committee for President Barack Obama. Dr. Kriese has donated his papers and publications to the IU East Archives. A finding aid for these resources is


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