Shyanna Pasay: a perfect fit for service

Shyanna Pasay: a perfect fit for service

Service-learning continues to grow at IU East, and we are fortunate to have many students dedicated to service work. Shyanna Pasay is a new student staff member in the Center for Service-learning (CSL). In her second semester at IU East, Shyanna is majoring in Psychology with the goal of becoming a Child Life Specialist working at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. She is originally from Greenfield, Indiana, which is about 50 miles from Richmond.

Shyanna worked at the Boys and Girls Club in Greenfield for two years while in high school. She has always enjoyed being involved in her community and is very passionate about working with children, so she says her work here will be “a perfect fit.” Her favorite part of Service- learning is being able to work with children since she loves kids, and it will be excellent experience for her future. Shyanna will be working at various organizations in the community, including the Fairview Boys and Girls Club, the Amigos Latino Center, and Corazón.

At Amigos, whose mission is to promote learning, cooperation, and respect across cultures, Shyanna will be helping to construct their new website, and also assisting a Latina woman who speaks very little English. Shyanna realizes that a language barrier will be somewhat of a challenge, but is excited for the opportunity since she currently plans to minor in Spanish. At Corazón, the youth group of Amigos, Shyanna will be working with Latino children as a mentor. The goal of Corazón is to “foster multicultural and multilingual friendship and community.” They do creative projects and other activities every week with the children.

Shyanna is excited to be begin her service work, and the Center for Service-learning welcomes her! If you are interested in service-learning as part of a course or as an individual project, please contact the CSL: or 765.973.8411. The CSL office is located in the Campus Library, in Hayes hall.

Shyanna and Howard Lamson at Amigos First Day 1-16-15

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