IU East Faculty Publications

IU East Faculty Publications


IU East is proud of its faculty and their accomplishments. A display of many faculty writings, both books and articles, is being showcased at the library to celebrate these achievements. Come in and see how much your professors have done – or read some of their work!

IU East professors publish in every major discipline. Some of their books include Quick Hits for Service-Learning: Successful Strategies by Award-Winning Teachers by Ange Cooksey, Anger Management in Schools: Alternatives to Student Violence by Jerry Wilde, Vikings Across the Atlantic: Emigration and the Building of a Greater Norway, 1860-1945 by Daron Olson, Social Justice, Poverty and Race by Paul Kriese, and Angelic Airs, Subversive Songs: Music as Social Discourse in the Victorian Novel by Alisa Clapp-Itnyre.

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Journal articles written by IU East faculty include titles like Entrepreneurship Risk, Reward and Reality by Tim Scales, Assessment and Differential Diagnosis of Comorbid Conditions in Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Beth Trammell, The Feather and the Fork: Food Culture in Medieval Castilian Literature by Dianne Moneypenny, History and Place in the Nineteenth Century: Irving and Hawthorne in Westminster Abbey by Steven Petersheim, Criminalizing Childhood: The Social Development of Juvenile Crime in a Rural North Carolina School by Mengie Parker, Critical Learning Skills for Business Students by Marsha Jance and Anita Morgan, Cops and the Performance of White Masculine Decline by Stephanie Whitehead.

We even have a documentary, 1:47 by Jean Harper, about the historical explosion in Richmond.

You can follow your professors’ work at IU ScholarWorks or through a third party organization like ResearchGate. Need any help locating things your professors have written? Ask us at iueref@iue.edu!

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