New Resource! The BAS Library

New Resource! The BAS Library

religion database

Interested in religion, archaeology, or ancient history? IU East Campus Library now has access to the Biblical Archaeology Society Library which houses the archives of three publications: Biblical Archaeology Review, Bible Review, and Archaeology Odyssey. This database has over 7,000 articles and 22,000 images available as well as video lectures presented by faculty from different universities on the latest issues in archaeology and Bible research. If you have a specific topic of interest, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls or Women in the Bible, you can also view the BAS special collections which group all the relevant articles to your topic together. You can search the BAS library by author, title, topic, keyword, or even Bible verse. If you are interested in checking out this database, you can get there directly by going to or you can find the link in our A-Z Resource List on the Library homepage.

If you find this database useful, we also have the Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity eBook Collection through Brill Online. We have access to several hundred eBooks published between 2007 and 2013 that focus on subjects such as Jewish Studies, Ancient Near East and Egypt, Middle East and Islamic Studies, and Classical studies. This resource is also available through the Library’s A-Z List.

For any other questions about the resources listed or if you have trouble accessing these databases, you are welcome to contact us:

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