Third Grade Academy: Class of 2031!

Third Grade Academy: Class of 2031!

“Ticket to Reading Adventures” was the theme of Third Grade Academy 2018 and we certainly enjoyed an array of learning experiences! Mornings focused on reading, and afternoons included special activities presented by IU East faculty, staff and students. We have enjoyed welcoming third graders to campus for more than ten years, with the Campus Library hosting classes each year since 2010. The program promotes reading improvement and is part of the Every Child Can Read initiative in Wayne County. Thank you to the many individuals who helped make TGA 2018 a success!

Third Graders ready to read! With (left to right, back row) library student staff Katelyn Groff, TGA instructional staff Sandra Calderon (IU East alumni), Denise Jones, and Cherie Williams, library director Frances Yates and (second row) TGA teacher Sarah Vance (IU East alumni).

Dr. Ron Itnyre taught the students about all different kinds of bacteria.

Oniffe Grizzle and Ibrahim Diarra came to play soccer with the students every Wednesday.

KT Lowe discussed Japanese culture. The students learned how to write words in Japanese.

Assistant Coach Matt Wolf held relay races with the students on the back patio at Hayes Hall.

Katelyn Groff worked with the students on several crafting projects including a STEM activity where students made a “shelter” for a critter they created.

Brandon Hilbert taught the students about germs by showing them how microscopes are used. The students could look at samples under the microscopes to see different viruses and bacteria.

Dr. Wes Tobin explained different concepts in physics like momentum and static electricity.

The Den provided free ice cream to the students on Fridays.

Mary Freeland and her HPER-P 290 class of elementary education majors played games and other activities with the students every Monday.

Executive Vice Chancellor Michelle Malott danced with the students during her Xabeat instruction.

Dr. Denice Honaker and her E-339 students read with the third graders twice a week and created learning centers for them.

Dr. Neil Sabine played a natural selection game with the students called “Deer and Wolves” and the students also learned about different kinds of birds.

Tim Scales showed the students how to use a 3-D printer and made some wood carvings. Students were also able to see a virtual reality demonstration.

Ryan Harris from WCTV gave the students a tour of the studio and let them see themselves on the green screen.

Coach Steve Moore played fun games outside with the students.

Kim Schwartzel and Neena Wilson helped our students practice their math skills through a “Math Fest” celebration.

Richmond Fire Department Station 2 visited to show the students the fire truck and a drone demonstration.

Kara Jones taught the students how the heart pumps blood. The students were able to create their own “blood” as well.

Chancellor Kathy Cruz-Uribe shared her quilting talents with the students by showing them how to make their own paper cat quilt.

Shelly Burns gave the students a tour of the Nursing Simulation Lab. The students were able to practice using stethoscopes and bandages.

Jerry Richwine taught students about the job of field biologists and took them on a nature hike on the cross country course.

Rufus came to visit with students, practice the wolf wave, and to take pictures.

Caryl Bailey, Rex Bailey, Chris Robinson, and Hannah McMichael taught third graders about rhythm, bells, drums, and more. Thank you to music faculty Jessica Raposo, Chancellor Cruz-Uribe, and Monica Koechlein, Executive Director of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, for initiating this partnership.

Special thank you to:

Lab Manager Christi Coryell for coordinating so many great science programs, along with students Taylor Donovan and Merissa Ross

Dean Neil Sabine and the School of Natural Science and Mathematics for providing free books and supplies for students each week.

Amber Hall, for handling event planning and providing vital assistance for the celebration party.

Physical facilities, for maintaining a clean, safe environment

Admissions, Financial Aid, Athletics, and External Affairs for providing special IU East swag and supplies

And all the friendly faces on campus that these third graders remember when it’s time to select a college to attend!

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