Diversity and Inclusion at IU East

Diversity and Inclusion at IU East

Diversity at IU East is understood to be vital to what it means to be an educated person. The IU East Diversity Mission Statement articulates our promotion of an inclusive and welcoming campus “that recognizes, celebrates and embraces differences and commonalities. This includes, but is not limited to, culture, language, ethnicity, race, religion, political opinion, socio-economic status, ability, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, age and life experience. We are creating a learning and work environment in which people benefit from interaction with one another. At IU East civil rights and civil liberties set the boundaries for respectful discourse and action. As we build an inclusive campus, Indiana University East will continue to engage in dialogue and commit the time, resources and leadership which will aid the continuous growth of respect for human rights of all peoples and cultures through curricular, co-curricular and administrative activities.”

We know that diversity and inclusiveness benefit us all – from the understanding that comes with cultural sharing, to creating new opportunities for those traditionally disenfranchised.

But diversity on a college campus doesn’t just happen.  Each member of our campus community needs to make a conscious effort to seek out and understand new perspectives.  It is comfortable not to be challenged – but it is in being challenged that we grow and develop.  The work of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee includes creating initiatives and opportunities for all members of the IU East community, whatever one’s race, gender, faith, orientation, political persuasion, and creed – to see, dialogue with, understand, and connect with others.

Wednesday, November 7th, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee will meet at 2:00 in the Community Room in Whitewater Hall.  Every member of the IU East community is welcome to attend.  The agenda includes progress on our campus Diversity Plan, discussing plans for events commemorating and celebrating the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a presentation by Dr. Carrie Reisner on the experience of atheism in Indiana colleges.  Committee meetings include time for public comment, and can include suggestions, feedback or concerns.  More information about the Committee and the diversity-related opportunities at IU East are available in our resource guide.

Deliberately and purposefully striving to see beyond biases takes work and thoughtful study.  The Library has many resources for promoting college diversity that are perfect for anyone trying to make a difference, from powerful databases to books like Diverse Millennial Students in College: Implications for Faculty and Student Affairs by Fred A. Bonner II, Multiculturalism on Campus: Theory, Models, and Practices for Understanding Diversity and Creating Inclusion by Michael J. Cuyjet, Doing Diversity in Higher Education: Faculty Leaders Share Challenges and Strategies by Winnifred R. Brown-Glaude , Expanding Opportunity in Higher Education: Leveraging Promise by Patricia Gandara, Challenges of Multicultural Education: Teaching and Taking Diversity Courses by Norah Peters-Davis, The Case for Affirmative Action on Campus: Concepts of Equity, Considerations for Practice by Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, or White Teachers / Diverse Classrooms: Creating Inclusive Schools, Building on Students’ Diversity, and Providing True Educational Equity by Julie Landsman.

Looking for more resources?  Ask us at iueref@iue.edu, or contact interim Chief Diversity Frances Yates.

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