On the move – with virtual travel

On the move – with virtual travel

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many subscription-only resources are continuing to offer temporary open access to material now through the end of the year.  To discover these resources, check out the Education Resources – Free Online (ERFO) resources guide: https://iue.libguides.com/ERFO/College. This resource guide is continuously updated with new academic resources as they become available for open access. Resources for eBooks and eTextbooks, such as OpenCulture – eTextbooks provides a list of 200 open access textbooks readily available from subjects ranging from Art History and Biology to Business and Sociology.  

During these times it may be difficult to travel, but with virtual tours, there is no place or time one cannot visit. The “ERFO” has a whole section dedicated to virtual tours that are divided into several subjects: https://iue.libguides.com/ERFO/VirtualTours. Now it is easy to travel the world!

With Rome Reborn step back in time to 320 A.D. where you can roam the streets of Ancient Rome and tour the newly built Colosseum. While in Italy, stop into the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and see the dynastic collection of ancient sculptures, artwork, and artifacts. From Italy, head on over to Germany, then to the Netherlands, and end in France. The Pergamon Museum, one of Germany’s largest museums, is home to the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and the Greek Pergamon Altar. In the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum, allows you to will walk among Vermeer, Rembrandt, and many more masters from the Dutch Golden Age. You will also find the Van Gogh Museum which houses the largest collection of artwork by non-other than Van Gogh, including more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and over 750 personal letters. Once in France, take in some French culture at the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre.  

Continent hop over to Africa and head to Egypt. Travel deep down in the Valley of the Kings to the tomb of the fifth pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt, Pharaoh Ramesses VI. See the hieroglyphs that line the walkway to the resting place of the pharaoh who only reigned for about 6 ½ years.

Want a tour that is out of this world? With Access Mars, you can travel the terrain of our neighboring planet Mars. Get the personal VIP tour of the International Space Station as you learn how they eat, sleep, work, and go to the restroom. With Virtual Sites in Space, you will find interactive  3d tours of Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, and more.

How about some exotic animals? The ERFO: Virtual Tours – Zoo list all kinds of zoos and aquariums that are offering virtual tours of their animal habitats. Go on a safari and maybe you will see Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo or perhaps you will see elephants, tigers, and giraffes (OH MY!) at the San Diego Zoo. Perhaps the marine life is more for you, then head on over to the National Aquarium or perhaps the Georgia Aquarium where you can live stream into feeling like you are swimming with the fishes and sharks.  

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