Academic Video Online: Selected Films, from Counseling to Continents Bicycle Tours

Academic Video Online: Selected Films, from Counseling to Continents Bicycle Tours

IU East subscribes to Academic Video Online and through the “Build by Choice” program we gain perpetual ownership to the titles most used during the previous year. Selections include group psychotherapy for survivors of sexual abuse, legal interviewing, and the five-year journey of a Swiss endurance athlete. In this blog we highlight several interesting offerings.

Falsettos was nominated for five 2017 Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Musical. It is a humorous, yet poignant look at a modern family, revolving around the life of a gay man, his wife, his lover, his son, their psychiatrist, and the lesbians next door.

The 25,000 Mile Love Story chronicles the amazing 5-year journey of Swiss endurance athlete Serge Roetheli as he endeavored to run a distance equal to the earth’s circumference to raise money and awareness for the world’s impoverished children. Accompanied by his equally adventurous wife Nicole, they crossed 6 continents and 35 countries while battling unforgiving landscapes, extreme weather, horrific poverty, civil unrest, and near-death illnesses.

Beg, Borrow or Steal 89-year-old Rahi has seen 36 countries on three continents – on his bicycle from India. His journey turns into a real struggle for survival. This is a road movie about a man turning old in a world turned modern. It is an intimate study of old age and a universal story about the basic human need for recognition.

Legal Interviewing: Asking the Right Questions explains the hiring process in relation to employment laws. It includes many samples of questions that can or cannot be asked, and tips for avoiding potential legal conflicts.

Body Language I: Beyond Words Kinesics is the study of body language as a form of communication. People engaged in a conversation may exchange 200 words per minute, but more than half of their communication is nonverbal. Viewers will learn how culture, gender, and age can affect non-verbal behavior.

Group Psychotherapy for Survivors of Sexual Abuse provides a step-by-step introduction to group therapy and features commentary by experts.

Trauma and Addiction  Claudia Black is an expert on the treatment of addictive disorders and a pioneer in family systems and addiction. In this seminar recording, learn how to help clients understand the family script that fuels the generational repetition of addiction and other disorders in the family.

Counseling Children: A Microskills Approach

Shows how to conduct a five-stage interview with elementary students. Subtitles highlight the key skills and strategies that Dr. Mary Ivey uses in her positive approach counseling children.

Possible Selves and Social Identities: When and How They Promote School Performance We can reduce the gap between the potential and actual achievement for African American and Latinx low-income youth. This presentation shows the why and the how. Based on current, NIMH funded research, Dr. Oyserman’s interventions have had positive effects on grades, attendance, effort, and reduction in depressive symptoms.

Obedience In this film, we see subjects instructed to administer electric shocks of increasing severity to another person and observe both obedient and defiant reactions. Fifty years later, this experiment still resonates as people ask themselves, ‘Would I pull that lethal switch?’ This is the only authentic film footage of Milgram’s famous experiment.

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