Earth Week every week

Earth Week every week

Started in 1970, every year on April 22, more than 190 countries come together to celebrate Earth Day. This global event draws attention to the devastating effects humans are causing to the planet and how we can take a stand to heal our planet. For actions you can do to help save the planet, see Action.

Children can be a part of the change to save the planet. Ever wonder what happens with your trash? Interested in growing your vegetables or creating a compost pile? Want to become a Beekeeper or an Ecologist like Rachel Carson who studied the contamination and the effects on the planet? Find books and more on these topics in the IU East Family R.E.A.D. (Read, Explore, Ask, Discover!) Earth Day celebration guide.

Researching important environmental topics like Global Warming, Pollutions, Invasive Species? The databases GreenFILE, Agricultural & Environmental Science Collection, and Environmental Studies (Gale in Context) include academic articles and government reports on topics from agricultural sustainability and renewable energy to pollution and recycling. Some businesses are taking steps to adopt a more sustainable business plan. See what businesses are doing in the Business Source Complete database which contains full text to more than 2,300 journals. Search for documentaries related to Earth Day and Sustainability in the AVON (Academic Video Online) database.

Check out the IU East Sustainability Council events planned for Earth Week.

There is a lot we can do to save the planet. How? Just Ask Us! and we can help you find the information. Email or simply click this button:

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