Semester Reflection

Semester Reflection

It is hard to believe that another semester has come and gone. Congratulations to the Class of 2021! For some, summer classes will begin soon and if you haven’t yet, be sure to LIKE the IU East Campus Library Facebook page. There are special feature days such as Wednesday Wisdom, Thinking Thursday, and Fake News Friday. A featured database may provide that missing piece of information for a class project or final paper or simply be of interest to you! If you have not visited the Facebook page lately, here are some highlights of databases from our A-Z Index and various sites.

Ever wonder if you can search the Campus Library collection for multiple databases at once? You sure can! Simply search the EBSCO Discovery Service on the library home page.

Do you need copyright-free images for a visual presentation, report, open-access textbooks, blogs, websites, flyers, social media, etc? Think about diversity and accessibility and use one of these stock photo collections that diversely represent the world: Disabled and Here (, The Gender Spectrum Collection (, AllGo Plus-Size (, Nappy (, PICNO! ( You can also find great high-resolution images of all sorts of things from UnSplash ( Remember, please give credit to the source!


We have databases that encompass all the arts! What do Harriet Hosmer, Edmonia Lewis, and Emma Stebbins have in common? They were famous neoclassical women sculptors from the mid-19th century. Learn more about them and their work, in the Oxford Art Online database. It contains more than 200,000 articles spanning ancient to contemporary art and architecture, as well as over 19,000 images of art, structures, plans, and more.

Did you know that Alice Dunnigan was the first black woman to receive press credentials to cover the White House? On January 1, 1947, she became the head of the Associated Negro Press Washington Bureau and would go on to write hundreds of stories for the outlet. Learn more about Alice Dunnigan in the ProQuest Literature and Language database. Needing to study the construction of languages? The ProQuest Literature and Language can help with that, as it provides access to more than 40 varied collections including American Drama 1714–1915, India Database: Literature & Language, Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction, and South and Southeast Asian Literature in English. 

Celebrate Black women’s voices through fiction, poetry, and essays from three continents and 20 countries. Explore the written works of Lorraine Hansberry, Harriet Jacobs, Zora Neale Hurston, and more in the Black Women Writers database.

Go behind the scenes with opera singers as they train for their next performance! With more than 750 free videos, Vocal Masterclassics documents the progress vocal artists go through in training their voice. Vocal Masterclassics database can be found at


What organization was established in 1900 by Booker T. Washington to “promote the commercial and financial development” of the Black community? It was the National Negro League. In the Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League database explore minute meetings and correspondence among business owners focused on promoting commercial endeavors and economic advancements of African Americans.

From 1933 to 1945, approximately 6 million Jews and 5 million others (including the intellectually disabled, dissidents, and homosexuals) were targeted for racial, political, ideological, and behavioral reasons and murdered during the WWII Holocaust. In 2005, the U.S. designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This day not only keeps the memory alive of those who lost their lives but also reminds us of the crimes of genocide committed since WWII. The National Archives holds open-access to millions of records created/received by the U.S. Government during and after WWII that document Nazi war crimes, wartime refugee issues, as well as captured German records used as evidence at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunals.

On March 17, 1969, 70-year-old Golda Meir made history when she was elected as Israel’s first and to this day only female prime minister. She saw Israel through the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Upon her death in 1978, it was revealed that she had had leukemia for the last 12 years. Learn more about Golda Meir and her governmental work in the more than 180 eBooks available in the Gale eBook 

April 15, 1960, Guy Carawan sang “We Shall Overcome” to a Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in Raleigh, leading to the popularization of the song as a protest anthem. Learn more about the SNCC and their commitment to the civil rights movement through diaries, letters, autobiographies, written/oral histories, memorabilia, and more in the Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives database.


On January 21, 2021, it had been exactly one year since the first confirmed US Covid-19 case was announced by the CDC. The Coronavirus Research (ProQuest) database includes up-to-date open access research articles and continues to grow and evolve as more is learned about the pandemic.

March 14th was National Learn About Butterflies Day. Did you enjoy the outdoors as you looked for butterflies? You can learn about more than 140 butterflies native to Indiana in the Agricultural & Environmental Science Collection database.

There is so much to explore in the universe. Did you know that on March 24, 1996 the first female U.S. astronaut to live in a space station, Shannon Lucid, transferred to the Russian space station Mir from the U.S. space shuttle Atlantis for a planned five-month stay? Learn more about Shannon and her experience in the Science and Technology database. On April 8, 1993, aboard the space shuttle Discovery, astronaut Ellen Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman in space. Ochoa would go on to serve as the first Hispanic and second woman to hold the position of Director of the Johnson Space Center from 2013 to 2018. Learn more about Ellen and her experience in the ProQuest Computer Science database.

Since 1970, every year on April 22 we are reminded of the actions that can be taken to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Learn how you can minimize your negative impact on the environment and become GREENER by researching climate change, pollution, sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy in the database GreenFILE.


Need help finding sociology resources for your mid-semester projects? Check out the databases SocINDEX and ProQuest Social Science. SocINDEX contains more than 1 million records and subject headings from over 19,000 sociological thesaurus terms. ProQuest Social Science contains over 570 titles from subjects ranging from Communication science, Demography, Economics, to Human services, Political science, Policy studies, and Sociology. 

These are just a few of the topics featured on the IU East Campus Library Facebook page. Interested in learning more? ASK US! at or simply click this button:

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