University Presses and eBooks

University Presses and eBooks

A university press publishes books that have been written and reviewed by scholars in their fields. IU East Campus Library has access to more than 300,000 eBooks from various databases. They are free to access for anyone with IU East log-in credentials.

The Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) database provides access to more than 20,000 academic works from the Oxford University Press. OSO covers subjects from humanities and social sciences to medicine and law. Within the past few days, OSO has added over 100 new titles to their collection, covering a diverse range of topics from 19th century Dutch Protestant theology and Baroque violins to questions about communication and censorship and how mental disorders affect one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Yiddish Empire: The Vilna Troupe, Jewish Theater, and the Art of Itinerancy by Debra Caplan; Translocas: The Politics of Puerto Rican Drag and Trans Performance by Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes; The woman who knew too much: Alice Stewart and the secrets of radiation by Gayle Green; Queer roots for the diaspora: ghosts in the family tree by Jarrod Hayes; Dying inside: the HIV/AIDS ward at Limestone prison by Benjamin Fleury-Steiner

Subjects like Jewish and Latin American studies to Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights are just part of the more than 1,500 humanities and social sciences monographs from the University of Michigan Press ebook collection.

The other women’s lib: gender and body in Japanese women’s fiction by Julia C. Bullock; Argentine cinema and national identity (1966-1976) by Carolina Rocha; Broken voices: postcolonial entanglements and the preservation of Korea’s central folksong traditions by Roald Maliangkay; Performing grief: bridal laments in rural China by Anne E. McLaren; and Envy, poison, and death: women on trial in classical Athens by Esther Eidinow are just some of the scholarly works available through the University Press Scholarship Online database, which provides full-text access to scholarly publishing from over 100 countries.

Two of the largest eBook databases the IU East Campus Library offers are eBooks by EBSCO and Ebook Central, which can be accessed via the A-Z index. You can search the more than 300,000 ebooks via IUCAT. Select “E-Book” in the format filters on the left-hand side of the screen! Once you find a particular book/topic in IUCAT, all you have to do is click the link in the record and it will automatically take you to the correct database for viewing. You can also submit an inter-library loan request for material that we do not have access to. As always, any question, any time, Ask us! or click here:

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