Celebrating Reading: The Reading Academy at IU East

Celebrating Reading: The Reading Academy at IU East

Reading is essential for learning, and reading success in third grade creates a strong foundation for building future knowledge. The Children’s Reading Foundation “encourages school districts and communities to adopt a 90 percent reading goal. This goal means 90 percent of third graders will read on or above grade level by the end of the school year. By adopting this goal, illiteracy can be eliminated.” 

Locally, the Every Child Can Read (ECCR) organization, in partnership with the Richmond Community Schools and community supporters, provides a summer reading program that serves more than 150 students who benefit from added reading instruction and literacy enrichment. Throughout June 2022 The Reading Academy (TRA) was hosted daily at the Indiana University East campus.  We are confident about the future academic successes of these young students, and hope to welcome them to IU East in the 2030s!

Reading, Libraries, and Interactive Learning

The Campus Library had the opportunity to provide library resources, services and unique programs each week for all 15 classes of 2nd and 3rd graders. We learned about oceans, optical illusions, birds, trees and more. Special talents and expertise shared by IU East faculty and staff enabled students to experiment in a college science lab, hike the beautiful campus nature trails, play cooperative board games, try on scuba diving gear, write poetry and riddles, and create several art forms, such as comics, collage, weaving, storybeads, and mobiles. Program highlights are featured in The Reading Academy 2022 resource guide.

Campus engagement with The Reading Academy

Learning activities were coordinated by library director Frances Yates and facilitated by library user services coordinator Jesse Whitton. Library staff and faculty Matthew Dilworth, Beth South, KT Lowe, and Sue McFadden offered a variety of hands-on activities and provided essential help with planning and implementation. Ten faculty and fifteen staff were involved in 50 program sessions throughout June. Thank you to everyone who participated in programs as instructors and assistants. A special shout-out to External Affairs staff Kevin Hayden and Carla Griffin, who handled so many logistics, from schedules to space needs; library student staff Karley Kean for her assistance with every program; and the physical facilities staff, who did a wonderful job of maintaining clean and safe areas.

Reading Academy tradition – 10 years and counting

2022 was the 10th year since 2010 that the Campus Library has served as a site for Reading Academy classes.  Numerous campus partners contribute to the success of this learning adventure, as faculty, staff and students participate with interactive programs in the sciences, creative arts, health, humanities, and more. Highlights from some past programs have been featured in library blogs in 2015, 2017, 2018. Keep on reading!

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