A Research Journey

A Research Journey

No matter where you are in your research journey, the IU East Campus Library is here for you! Recently the library website was redesigned and you can find helpful tips on navigating the site here. Be sure to like the IU East Campus Library Facebook page for updates on library resources and services as well as special resource feature days like Wednesday Wisdom, Thinking Thursday, and Fake News Friday. Unsure which resources might best fit your research needs? How to Master Research provides tips and tools for effective searching in all disciplines. Below are resource highlights from multiple disciplines that are interesting and useful.


Looking for information on international businesses? ABI/INFORM database provides access to thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key businesses, and economics periodicals such as the Economist, country-and industry-focused reports, and downloadable data.

Interested in finding information about a whole industry, such as aerospace, telecom, IT, financial services, and consumer goods? Marketline Advantage provides access to over 4 million intelligence and interactive reports from more than 100,000 companies


Brill E-Books provides access to international academic humanities and social sciences ebooks ranging from Asian and African Studies, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Musicology, Social Sciences, and more. Subjects such as Jewish and Latin American studies to GenderSexuality, and Human Rights are just part of the more than 1,500 humanities and social sciences monographs from the University of Michigan Press ebook collection.

The Oxford Scholarship Online  (OSO) database provides access to more than 20,000 academic works from the Oxford University Press. OSO covers subjects from humanities and social sciences to medicine and law. Within the past few days, OSO has added over 100 new titles to their collection, covering a diverse range of topics from 19th century Dutch Protestant theology and Baroque violins to questions about communication and censorship and how mental disorders affect one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Check out the Education in Videos database. This reliable resource has more than 1,650 hours of videos that provide the opportunity to observe behaviors that define effective teaching styles. Included are demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms.

Looking for interactive tutorials, practice tests, e-books, flashcards, and articles for academic skill-building, standardized test preparation, and career development? Create a FREE account with LearningExpress and gain access to practice tests and materials for the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT, plus the college entry tests like SAT and ACT.


Oh to think that I should never see a database lovely as Swinburne’s poetry. The Algernon Charles Swinburne Project database is a digital collection and scholarly project devoted to the life and work of Victorian poet Algernon Charles Swinburne

Are you looking to update your grandiloquent lexicon? The Oxford English Dictionary, the definitive record of the English language, provides examples of usage dating through the entire history of English.

Interested in discovering what was important to the lives of everyday people in Antwerp, Venice and Paris? Explore the Acta Sanctorum database with its 300 years of European sacred literature and text.

General Studies

Documentaries, news clips, and interviews are research resources readily available in The AVON (Academic Video Online) database. AVON includes video collections such as Meet the Press, American History in Video, Ethnographic Video Online, Nursing Education in Video, Food Studies Online, World Newsreel Online, and many more.

Southeast Asian Newspapers database provides open access to more than 120 publications chronicling the changes of the region during the decolonization efforts following the WWII era in Southeast Asia.

Find independent perspectives in an open access resource for alternative press newspapers, magazines, and journals produced by feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Hispanics, and LGBT activists. The Independent Voices database contains 19,675 issues comprising over 524,000 pages,


Needing resources that focus on environmental and ecological sciences? BioOne database has added over 80 new titles to their collection, giving researchers access to more than 200 science journals addressing critical environmental themes like climate, renewable energy, water quality, citizen science, and more.

You have access to incisively written, high-quality reference material covering all major scientific disciplines through the database AccessScience. Through AccessScience you will find primary research material, videos, exclusive animations, and specially designed curriculum maps for teachers allowing you to stay up-to-date in all things Science!


Need help finding sociology resources for your mid-semester projects? Check out the databases SocINDEX and ProQuest Social ScienceSocINDEX contains more than 1 million records and subject headings from over 19,000 sociological thesaurus terms. ProQuest Social Science contains over 570 titles from subjects ranging from Communication science, Demography, Economics, to Human services, Political science, Policy studies, and Sociology. 

Looking for open-source data focused on global living conditions and the earth’s environment? Our World in Data provides access to over 3300 charts across 297 topics ranging from Food, Agriculture, and Human Rights to Economic Development, Technology Change, and Community and Wellbeing.

These are just a few of the topics featured on the IU East Campus Library Facebook page. Interested in learning more? ASK US! at iueref@iue.edu or simply click this button:

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